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suggestions for authors to read - sandyship - 16-Jan-2012 04:46 AM

Just picked up a Kate Atkinson book and she seems quite quirky. I wonder if any members have any suggestions for new authors for me to try. I tend to stick to known and tried at the moment. Cheers sandy

- Jerryt - 17-Jan-2012 10:25 AM

Hi Sandy,
Try DM Thomas - "White Hotel" is his most well known but there are plenty of others.
We'll be down your way in early Feb - wine Festival etc then taking til about Easter to re-explore the SI. If it all works out we'll hit the good SI weather and the traffic should have mostly gone along with the kids back to school?!
My ex-wife lives up the Waihopai and I've an ex-Uni engineer friend in Blenheim and another near Nelson, and my present wife, Joy, has heaps of rellies in and around Nelson so we'll be quite busy with visits.
Still, we have plenty of time (if not a huge amount of energy - having both hit 73) and it may be that we could meet up with you while we're in Marlborough?
We'll be motorhoming in our 6.7m Winnebago with our mostly Maltese 7 year old Jack. We bought ourselves a 2kW Honda inverter generator for Xmas so will be quite independent.
Also have just had an Apollo satellite finder/receiver fitted and a Sky box, so Joy can keep up-to-date with Coro! (and we both with news and weather and anything good on Rialto etc).
I suppose you have read all of Maeve Binchy and Bryce Courtenay (what about his "The Family Frying Pan" - short stories about emigrees trekking across and from Russia, complete with recipes?
Jenny Pattrick ("Denniston Incline" and others), Paullina Simons "Tully", Kathy Reichs, Annie Proulx are a few other authors we have enjoyed - so many have I lately discovered and so little time left in our lives to discover more!
We have our 3 grandchildren from New Plymouth staying at the moment while mum (nurse) and dad (doctor)have a break; boy and girl twins 8, and sister coming up 11 and excited about starting Intermediate this year - not much time for reading other than the "Listener" and "North and South"! They persuaded me to take a dip in the lake with them tonight - bracing to say the least (I was in for all of 3 minutes!). Even they find that a warm-up in our Soft-Tub spa pool is welcome after the chilly lake - it is only 100m down a ROW just outside our section. Beautiful sunset tonight.
What a ramble! Off to bed to do the Listener cryptic and to get enough energy to handle their demands 2moro!
Will either post or email a bit closer to our SI venture (we have laptop and broadband 'stick' so can keep up with email and other internet things while travelling).

- anacortesdamp - 17-Jan-2012 05:39 PM

I read mysteries and crime stories mostly. Nevada Barr is good. She has a series with a National Parks law enforcement Ranger as the main character. They need to be read in chronological order, though she has a new on out on Kindle this week that is the "first" in the thread.

I also like Michael Connelly's Californian detective and lawyer series, Lee Childs' "Jack Reacher" stories (rather violent) and the "Nero Wolfe" stories by Rex Stout. A local writer, Mary Daheim, has two different series, one set in a small Cascade mountain town called Alpine and another set in a Seattle B&B. The Seattle author, J.A.Jance, has a series about a Seattle detective, another about a Sheriff in Arizona and a third one about a California TV personality.

Plenty to keep you going, if your local library carries them. It would be a big expense to get them all on Kindle.


- LDunlop76 - 18-Jan-2012 12:35 AM

It depends what you want in a book, Sandy. Do you go for thrillers, romance, comedy? I have enjoyed Susan Hill and Hilary Mantel recently, took the latest Shardlake (C J Sansom) on holiday before Christmas and raced through the latest Terry Pratchett over Christmas. I've been wondering what to go for next - might give Kate Atkinson a try on your recommendation.

- anacortesdamp - 18-Jan-2012 04:18 AM

Another couple of local authors I've remembered are William Dietrich (an Anacortes resident) and Kirsten (myabe Kristen) Hannah, who lives on one of the San Juan islands. Dietrich does historical stories, many of them "who-dun-its". He goes back to Roman times in England with one of them.

Ms. Hannah does much softer stories. One of them was serialised in a British women's magazine a couple of years ago.

I would also recommend (if you're into crime stories) a series by a British writer, Andrew Martin. his stories are based around the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in the 1920s. There's also another Brit, Peter Turnbull who has a series about a couple of York-based detectives, set in the 1950-1970 time frame.

Another one I like is the series by the Thurlo husband and wife, who do crime/mysteries set on the Navajo reservation. The late Tony Hillerman also did a series set in the Native reservations.


- sandyship - 24-Jan-2012 08:49 PM

Hi Jerry, you would be most welcome to call on us. i will e-mail you our address. I'll be baby sitting grandkids for the wine festival this year so that my daughter and her man can go. ta for the book suggsestions also. cheers Sandy

- sandyship - 25-Jan-2012 12:45 AM

forgot to say thanks to you all for the reccommendations. i have quite a range of genre that i like and loved the CJ Sansom series they were great. My hubby is into lee child but not sure it its my cup of tea but will give one a try. loved all the Bryce Courtney books. I finished the Kate Atkinson- wouldn't say it was the greatest- but she is an intelligent, clever writer.

- hubertw - 25-Mar-2012 06:44 AM

I suggest Suzane Collins. She has a book series now popularly known as The HUnger Games book series. It is really very interesting infact the first book has just been adapted to a movie version and have seen it very recently it is really very good. I have watched the movie first which made me read the book series actually. So far i am halfway through the first book and i am really hooked to it!

Cant wait ti finish this one so that i can proceed with the second book and the third as well! happy reading!

- sandyship - 25-Mar-2012 08:33 AM

I am curious about this series because is it something that the teens have caught onto?. Don't know too much else about except it seems to becoming a cult read/series