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Balshaw's Grammar School
23-Oct-2004, 10:21 AM
Post: #201

Originally posted by Karen

Hi Peter,

I think I'm confused!! ...There must be two Peter Baldwins ..
the Peter I know went to St. Mary's.

I'm still pleased to say welcome to the forum.
[Big Grin]



That explains it - I am not the one that went to St Mary's! I have been wracking my brain to remember a I can ease off.


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27-Oct-2004, 09:17 AM
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Originally posted by Caroline

Peter, Kay was in my year at Balshaws, tho' I suspect in the 6th form she did different subjects- see my choice on
And give her my best wishes.
I saw the Beatles at Southport Odeon in late July. Consulting my partner Big Al's 'Complete Beatles Chronicle' I think you saw them on Sunday 9th June as the last date in the Roy Orbison's package tour- does this sound right?
I screamed like mad!


I mentioned your name to Kay and after a while while thinking about it she came rushing in to tell me she remembers you. Not at all sure about the date of the Beatles show - just remember the noise. Great night out.


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27-Oct-2004, 03:57 PM
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I was the naughty girl who fooled around in class (English sense of the word!) and did Art and French. Now I'm in France doing Art, and I'm the one who takes the classes!
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27-Nov-2004, 12:08 PM
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Ooops - this may come through twice, once without my reply! (Too trigger-happy!).

This is a reply to Noel - Les Briers is alive and well and living in Cheshire (between Nantwich and Crewe). He is semi-retired after a career in banking and is married with two grown-up children. Let me know if you want to contact him. (I'm his elder brother.)

David Briers


Originally posted by noel

Where are you liv ing now Peter?
I still remember the original role call in the morning,1B "Baldwin, Baker, Chilton,Dagger, Dickinson,Eckton ( no reply from Eckton as he obviously wasn't there):-) Lawton, Milloy, Parker, Roocroft, Tilston. ( I think) David Tilston was another good friend of mine and Barry Chilton,and Les Briers but I lost contact after school; I lent Tosh my cricket whites on the last day at school, there was a match he was taking part in. But he can't remember that either.
Have you seen the 1958 photo Peter? it's on Balshaw's web site and I could show you my photo at the time ( I look different now) to see if you could remember me.
Picture 1, 6 in from the right next to top row is me, between Barry Chilton, Bill Elliot on my right, then Mick Gray, then errrrrrr Brian Forshaw errrrrrrr. [Smile]

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27-Nov-2004, 07:46 PM
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Hi David, yes I do remember you from Balshaws mainly because Les would point you out, brotherly love, great isn't it. It would be nice to jot himn an e-mail for old times sake, though we move on and become different people, it's still nice to look back.
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09-Mar-2005, 10:08 AM
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I've cut and pasted the non-David Diary bits here. Apologies.
Frank said

Lady G:

I remember "Ginner" Smith as the head boy when I was in 2C in the 1953/54 school year. "Ginner" was a contraction of "Ginger", referring to Keith's hair colour. I think he came back to BGS as a teacher when I was in 5B (56/7) or maybe the lower 6th, (57/8) from which I bailed out after a nasrty experience with Mr. Wilkinson. Pat Leach returned as a teacher the same year as Keith.

I still feel to this day that I made my way in the world of engineering despite Balshaw's rather than because of it. I have many negative memories of the place and have never participated in any alumni (US-speak for "Old Boys")activities.

My younger siblings may have better memories of the place, but I'd be happy to see it burn to the ground. I think that my wife (Eileen Nixon) hates the place even more than I do. She had a very unhappy experience after going to Balshaw's after a year at Wellfield and getting thrown off the high board into the deep end with absolutely no help. She really had problems with the French teacher (a man), a real supercilious snot whose name escapes me and who taught me in Lower 6th - defintely not cut from the same cloth as Miss Milroy and Miss Bromley. As members of Turpin Green Methodist Church, we used to get extra attention from "Brom" who was a local preacher.


Edited by - anacortesdamp on 08 Mar 2005 03:57:35

To which noel replied
Frank I think the French teacher would be Wilcocks, a really nasty piece of work. He grabbed my face and squeezed as hard as he could once calling me a mugwump in front of the class, for no reason I can recall. There again I even had problems with Ma Bromley thanks to my lack of respect for her religious views.
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09-Mar-2005, 10:15 AM
Post: #207
Caroline commented.
"I did OK at french as Ma Brom was a good teacher, tho', like you Noel I had problems as she caught me writing swear words on a piece of paper to give to a friend to look up....
Frank, I feel the same as you about the school- I still have bad dreams involving text books and desks! Also, had a nasty altercation with Wilkinson who called me a toad then sent me out in the corridor when I started weeping . Ah happy days!! It's a wonder we survived fairly mentally intact!!
Sorry, David, we hijacked your topic, but these scars are deep!!

Frank ( Ancortesdamp)
"You're right, David. My apologies for diverting the thread. It seemed a propos at the time I wrote it. There are also Balshaw's threads elsewhere on the newsgroup. (Sorry, I can't make the French quote a different font}.

Given the number of Faringtonians who seem intent on taking over (and some of them are related to me), maybe we Leylanders should start another forum!!

Incidentally, my sister brought a copy of one of Joan Langford's books about Farington last time she visited. I was surprised to see that Moss Lane, the priory and St Ambrose church are considered to be in Farington. I had always assumed that Boundary Street was really the boundary and that Moss Lane was in Leyland.


SHUFFY " I.m pretty certain you are right Frank I always thought Boundary St was the boundary why else would it be called that? Don't Forget Joan is an 'incomer' and therefore has to rely on the info people give her although on one walking day picture she calls mill st crown St or vice versa (can't just remember which way round it is.) The Co-op shop on station Road was certainly classed as being Leyland


Farington Free State does start at Boundary Street.

Now I'm going to start another topic .. F.F.S.

Over to you David!!

Ciao Karen."
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10-Mar-2005, 06:33 PM
Post: #208
I remember Wilcocks, the French Teacher. He was covered a lesson I was in because Miss Milroy was absent. He grabbe hold of my right ear with one hand and whacked the other side of my face with the other. Fortunately this was my only encounter with him.
Miss Milroy once said to me that I would be the one 'to let down the whole class by failing my O level GCE exam.' I am pleased to say that I passed the exam and have used my schoolboy French many times on very enjoyable visits to France.
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10-Mar-2005, 08:53 PM
Post: #209
There seem to be many conflicting emotions dredged up by memories of the old school.At times I found it a reasonably happy place but very often quite the opposite.
I left early in 1953-under a sort of cloud after refusing to stay another year to try for a scholarship.V U O was disgusted and told my mother so-but then I was approaching 18 and the oldest in a working class family.It was a difficult time.
I often think that in 1946 when I went there the mistake the school made was to try to ram us all into the same mould.There was little room for self expression or independent thinking.Even our Lancashire accents had to be worked on.
I did my bit for misfits everywhere in small ways.When the fashion was for those heavy nylon? raincoats and we were allowed to wear black ones I persuaded my mother to get me a burnt orange one -really stood out in the crowd and got me into no end of trouble.
Gym lessons found me hiding in a cubby hole under the stairs -and I wasn't alone.
Some of us were fed up of being humiliated because our agility wasn't up to the expected standard.
So after a few years continually getting into trouble I decided to keep my head down and as a result was left out when prefects were chosen.Too quiet ?That really hurt.
However there were some positive things -the love of Classical Music -via Wilkie -stubbornness-and achievements that came when I wanted to do things -not when I was forced to.I loved Art and water colouring and did a lot on my own at home but at school in those days Art was Lettering -Copying and Still Life -boring things like suitcases.I hated music lessons which seemed to consist of repeatedly attempting to sing gloomy dirges under Miss Rahills direction.
I think on balance I agree with those who say they achieved in spite of the school.
I expect many things improved in the later 1950's.
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11-Mar-2005, 11:47 AM
Post: #210
Linda, such a shame you just had the lady with the moustache for Art ( I can't remember her name!) . She taught us when I was first there, and I would have been put off by the interlacing strapwork and lettering we had to do . Fortunately she left after a year or so and we ended up with the lovely Mr.May who was modern and inspiring, what a little sweeetie!!
I agree about the total snobbery of the place. This was changing a bit when I left,by then there were actually some teachers with ACCENTS!
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