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Leyland Secondary Modern (Wellfield)
If this thread refers to the school up Yewlands Drive, O.K. I own up, I went there in the 1930`s and left in 1939, so do I qualify? We was there at the beginning and was given a good edication by Mr Church wot stood us good through the War, when edication didn`t matter, as long as we was able to build tanks and make bullets down Mill Street in old Farington Mill, an a few bombs as well, hey an a lot of wagins for soldiers to have. You can see my edication didn`t suffer a lot, cos I dun well after. Cheerio, William R. (still an alias)
Well William R you will have to let me correct your postings in future.
Could do better in Spelling and Grammar.Try Harder.
Hello I went to Wellfield from 1979-1981 and then emigrated to Sri Lanka.
School life in Leyland was great, I loved it so much I am a teacher now. If anyone reads this and remembers the good old days with Mrs Cockram, Mr Sykes, Mr Howarth, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Gifford and all the others from the early 80's then lets hear from you.

Bye for now.
Squeeze the Day
Manique, Mr howarth rings a bell with me, what did he teach?
I remember, Mr Hall, Miss Malley, Mr Lowe, Mr Roberts, Miss Highfield ( who later married I dont know her married name) MA Baines, Mr Chester, Mr Pickburn, Mr Farington & who could forget Daisy Dockery. I was there from 1964 to 1968.
Oh dear, I was there when it first opened! But I`m glad to see that you youngsters enjoyed it in later years!
i was guilty of attending Wellfield till 1967, and i remember Joe Lowe,
didn't like him much,
a wright
Welcome Anne, I dont think enybody particularly liked Joe Lowe,
I remember him being late now and again, the rumour had it that he used to fall asleep on the train & miss Leyland station.
One of my favorites was Joe Hall the music teacher, he was a very heavy smoker, always going out for a smoke during classes, I liked Daisy Dockery, and Miss Highfield, Mr Church was headmaster when I was there and I always found him a real gentleman, never scary at all like some thought, [Big Grin] maybe I was just a good girl. lol[:I][Big Grin][Wink]
Mr Hall was really nice, he used to take us for choir practice. Mr Church had left when I went to Wellfield, we had Mr Richardson who was quite strict, I remember walking down Yewlands Dr & I picked a leaf from a hedge to whistle with, I didnt know he was behind me & he really blasted me & said the leaf was private property. lol
Mr Church was also very strict, I was lucky I never got caught out by him, once I was at the playground on Turpin Green the one with the very large rocks at the front, and was with a friend who went to Balshaws, it had been snowing very hard, poor Mr Church walked past and my friend threw a snowball at him knocking his trilby off, I instantly fell flat and crawled on my belly in the snow so that he did`nt see me, I`d have been in big trouble if had and known I was one of his[:I]

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