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Leyland Secondary Modern (Wellfield)
I remember Mr Hall the music teacher,what about Miss Mason the P.E.Teacher, she caught me smoking in the toilets, she didn't report me to the Head,just gave me a telling off, i would have got the dreaded cane if she had done,

a wright
I remember Miss Mason, she was nice. After games one day while walking back to the changing rooms, somebody lit up a fag & was passing it round, Miss Mason was a little way ahead of us & she turned round just after I had taken a drag, there i am trying to keep the smoke in, she must have known what we were up to but never said a word.
I also remember Miss Malley & I think Miss Highfield's married name was Bradley.
Yes i remember Miss Mally and Miss Highfeild she was very down to earth i liked her, did Miss Mally teach geography, i can't remember, What about Mr Farrington dept Head he was very scary, well he scared me at the time. Miss Masons the P.E. Teachers married name is Mrs Curran, she taught my Daughter at the methodist's school for a while, she was filling in, she remembered me, needless to say i didn't mention the smoking.
a wright
I cant remember what Miss Malley taught, I remember a Mrs Curran but she did typing & shorthand.
soz, yes Miss Curran did teach Typing, she used to say touch typing girls Miss Mason became Mrs coward, My Daughter corrected me, I think Miss Malley taught Geography,
a wright
IS Miss Mally Audrey Malley who used to take cubs at St. Ambrose? If soI used to play footy with her brother Dennis.
you have stumped me on that one, i really don't know about Miss Malley and the cubs, i was a brownie, twit twoo and all that,

a wright
I she the lady who founded Leyland Athletic Football Club circa 1962?
Who do you mean Miss Malley?
a wright
Miss Malley's name is Audrey, but I didn't know she was connected to Ambroses cubs. I was a brownie & guide there as well. Such a long time ago.

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