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Balshaws Reunion (1974)
Funny, reading all these "old" stories about teachers who were still teaching there in the early 70's when I left.... Wilcox was bald by then!! We had a much nicer French teacher at that point; Mrs Coulson... she of the short skirts that we sixth formers all enjoyed very much!! Apologies to the ladies but we were young :-)
Just rediscovered this site..... having fun reading through a lot of the old posts as well as some of the new ones (which, unfortunately, only serve to remind me that I'm not getting any younger!) and hope all is well with everyone here.

Originally posted by LeylandGB

For those whose interest was "piqued" but didn't want to show up in person.... there are some photos posted at


I left Balshaws in 1972....I hated the place! Anyway, I can tell you that picture number 057 is Dawn Beaumont. She only came to Balshaws in the 4th year.


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