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St Anne's RC Primary School - photo
Next time I call my mum I will ask her. She was a dinner lady at the school for years. I want to say her name is Mrs Wormsly. I think she was there around my last year at St Annes.
Hi well i bumped Into this by accidentIm Brendan Coulton I remember a few names but no faces well what did I do having leaving St Annes well I ended up in St Cuthbert Maine in Fulwood before being shipped off to a Nautical School In North Wales having had a week gap from School to Job I travelled to Plymouth and enlisted In the Royal Navy and there I stopped for 20 years what they forgot to tell me at the recruitment stage was that theres a slim possibility of going to war it was so slim I was on a fast attack suicide ship during the Falklands Warbut I loved it, having travelled the world I rested my weary legs and got out my roller baldes I now in the evening of my life live In cornwallstill roller blade and remain fitI do occassionally have nitemares about Miss Livesey I always stuck up two fingers passing her house on our way to worden Park any way Im on face book or was that faceache hope to hear from any one who remebers me

fought for queen and country Falklands War 1982

Was your grandad part of the butchering Roocroft family? They had a shop at the School Lane/GoldenHill intersection across from Fishwick's garage.

Roger Roocroft, son of the butcher, was in my year at Balshaw's but in the A stream where I was in the B stream. A real star in the B stream, concert level pianist Valerie Metcalf married Roger. Their daughter is Amanda Roocroft, internationally-known operatic soprano.

Frank Damp

P.S. to everyone:

I couldn't stay away. I found that, if you "lurk" without clocking in, you get to see all the nasties that are in your "Ignore" list. With what Martin has done with the cross-posting etiquette has alleviated many of my concerns.

I won't be as visible as in days gone by, as I've decided to be a bit more hermit-like. I will be posting travel photos from places I think might be interesting. We're headed out Sunday on a 10-day trip in the RV. We'll take the motorway (Interstate 5) down to the Oregon/California border. That's about 500 miles with two overnight stops. Then, we'll head over to the coast of Oregon State and cover the whole thing north to Astoria. After that, we'll cross the Columbia on the Astoria Bridge and then across to I-5 and home. As BBC radio used to say "Listen to this space!"


P.P.S. - Sorry for hijacking the thread!
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Good to have you back Frank. On the thread note. Valerie metcalf - who went to Balshaws- lived at the end of my street in Mayfield ave - lostock hall- I knew her well as a school kid. I heard about Amanda her opera -singer daughter. Valerie herself was a great singer. cheers sandy
Nice to have you back Frank and will look forward to seeing the pictures. We are going up North in a month and I will take some pictures and see if I can post them.[xx(]
Wecome back Frank ... us lot need to stick together[Smile]

Would have really missed you .... your knowledge and your
memories are jewels and gems to 'Leylanders'[Big Grin]
T. D.
Welcome Frank look forward to the photos, your memories and input
Finally managed to find this picture again Wink

I was surprised to see my post about our proposed RV trip. I never did get any photos posted. We got rid of that turkey of an RV. It was only a 26-footer and a Class C type, with the double bed over the top of a van cab. Despite its size it was very cramped. It had a 7.5 litre V-8 with a cabruettor and enough anti-smog gear to sink a ship. Six mpg at sea-level and about 4.5 at altitude (and there's a lot of that around here!)

We got a much better one 4 years ago, a 32' Class A with two slide-outs, queen size double bed in the rear slide and a fuel-injected 6.9L V-10 that get 8 mpg regarless of altitude. Unfortunatley, petrol went from $1.50 a gallon when we had our older one and had reacehd $4.50 in the small rural towns we liked to travel to. Campground overnight stays that were $15 a night are now anywhere from $35 to $75. Just a simple 10-day, 1200 mile trip costs close to $1200 now.

When your hobby starts eating into your retirement savings, it's time to pack it in. We've put the RV with a consignment dealer about 20 miles away and hope it will sell before Christmas. We're sorry to give it up, but it wasn't feasible any more.

I believe St. Anne's has been celebrating it's 50th anniversary recently! I was there when it opened in 1968 and left in 1970 when my family emigrated to Australia.
I'm in the photo on the front steps posted by John H - 3rd from left at the front :-)

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