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School photos
I've started a page of old school photos.

You can preview it here

Thta reminds me. The next time I'm up north, I will have to dig out the St Annes pictures we had done...
Martin ~
Were you on the school photo taken at Balshaws in (approx) May 1972???

If you were, please check out and look at the photos. If you can identify yourself or any of the missing names... please let me know. Thanks,

I wonder if the blond haired lad on the back row of the Fox Lane jr, one is David Lawton, he was in the same class as me at Balshaw's, looks mighty like him.
Yes, it is John Lawton. Also some other well known lads including David Waring and Geoff Demack. I'm the only one in a Tee shirt, always was a bit of a slob. I can name all the boys, but only a few of the girls, Frank's sister Jean is the girl in the middle.
I thought it was him. John was he? we always called each other by our surname/nickname. He had an elder brother Frank? was it?
I remember Geoff of course he organised a reunion 3 or 4 years ago of the 57-63 years. Now a chartered accountant in Hough Lane.

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