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balshaws pre ww 2
26-Aug-2009, 05:09 PM
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balshaws pre ww 2
Ikeep checking for oldtimers from Balshaws grammar, No one
seems to check in.
Iwas there 1933 t0 1937 ! still remember lots of people. Alice Duckworth, Frank Holden, Charlie Whistlecroft,Vera Laurenson,Eva Hull,
Patricia Coooper, Nellie ryding all in my class and I must mention
Hilda Baron,Whom I Worshipped from afar Teachers were Hilditch,
Bennison,Brindle ,Rahill,Parry.Bull,( Still have a book of hs poetry)
Wilkinson,etc etc hope tohear from someone old in tooth from those years
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27-Aug-2009, 11:17 AM
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Hello and welcome to the forum! I only started at Balshaw's in 1958, but I was (and still am) great friends with Barbara, the daughter of Hilda Baron, who later became Hilda Ratcliffe. Hilda died almost two years ago, aged 89, she was a lovely lady. Barbara lives in Canada, incidentally.
Another of my "old-timer" pals is one Dorothy Blackwell (nee Gardner), who attended Balshaw's at around that time. She was 89 last week, and we are in regular touch as we worked together many years ago. I also remember the teachers, Hilditch, Bennison, Rahill, and Bull, plus Mr Oldland whom I always thought quite scary!
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