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St Marys High School Reunion - 1979's

  • 04/10/2003
  • Priory Club, Leyland1979 LeaversOrganisers - Kath Hill, Catherine Gough & others

Martin ~
I'll try and find out how the reunion went. It's a shame I couldn't make it as I'm getting ready to move (again). It would be great if I could get some photos.
Martin ~
I also went to the reunion and thought it was a great night.Some of the people I knew straight away and some,sadly,I had no recollection at all.But that did not stop it being a great night.Afew people did actually turn up in school tie and prefect badge (Dave Owen,I can't believe you kept them all these years!)I do have some pictures of the night and will try to upload them when I find out what to do.Great night and to those who could not make the night,it just seemed like yasterday..
"Hurry up Smith and keep to the right,bags on the right shoulder and no talking in registration or it's Sam the Slipper for you....."

Oh happy days
Kevin has very kindly provided me with some photographs from the St Marys Reunion...

I have made a page here
Martin ~
It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of John 'Eddie' Edmondson on 24th March 2013. John was a very close friend of mine and the news knocked me for six ! We are still awaiting a date for the funeral but it is indeed a very sad time for all those who knew him.I tried to look at the link Martin put up for the reunion pics but there didn't appear to be any, or maybe I didn't look properly ! RIP Eddie x
I couldn't find photos either - link took me to a Leyland Forum Stuff board and didn't see anything on there (maybe it has been archived?)
Jerry Threlfall
That's really sad news. I'll try and dig out the photos when I'm back in the country.
Martin ~

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