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Hi Bob and welcome,
I went to St James School starting in 1939 till 1946 then to Balshaws in 1946 till 1953 and must have gazed through the same railings and slid in the ice across the Lostock Hall playground as many others did.
I remember Maureen and Cyril Hunt well through the Church and always go in there for a quiet think when I visit Lostock Hall.
Not sure whether Mrs Sumner is still with us but she must be well in her nineties by now -a great supportes of the Church and always cleaned the brasses -I think! Memories play tricks now.
I wish I had the school photos -the 1947 or 1948 would have been my first one -long lost now.
Your sister would have been a few years behind me.
Loads of memories of the old school -some happy some not so.
The constant reading out of the School Rules by V U O -some 50 or so -including the warning about not poking unusal objects with sticks.Since many of us sat cross- legged on the floor it was a bit tiresome. Your sister would not recall me I think -I tended to blend in with the woodwork.
Cheers [8D]
Lynne, I was interested to read your comments about Mrs Sumner - if it's Mrs Connie Sumner of Lostock Hall, yes, she's still around and about 95, I think. She and my Mum knew each other for many years and went to the W. I. in Lostock Hall (to which Maureen Hunt still belongs). I went to Lostock Hall CP School with Mrs Sumner's youngest daughter Gillian, who has recently retired from her job in Preston's Tourist Information Office.
Yes it was Mrs Connie Sumner,Dotty.will e-mail you in a while with more info -she and her husband Charlie before he died suddenly were very good to me from the time I was about 4 -a lovely lady.
I think Gillian was only about seven years old when her father died - I remember she was called out of class at primary school to be told the news. So very sad. I couldn't wait to get home to make sure that my own dad was still ok.
Dotty and Lynne- re Connie sumner. Didn't Gillian have an older sister? Lynne mentioned Connie in an e-mail tpo me and I thought she was her sister but now realise she was her mother. I wondered what happened to Gillian thanks for the update Dotty. Sandy
Hi Sandy, yes Gillian had two older sisters, the eldest one being named Connie after their mother and the middle one was called Jacqueline. I see Gillian sometimes, along with Judith Chester so I'll pass on your regards?

Originally posted by Lynne

Yes it was Mrs Connie Sumner,Dotty.will e-mail you in a while with more info -she and her husband Charlie before he died suddenly were very good to me from the time I was about 4 -a lovely lady.

Lynne, this is a further reply to one of your earlier posts: I met Connie Sumner's daughter Gillian recently in town and she told me that her mother Connie was in good health, apart from a bad back, but that she celebrated her 97th birthday on August 14th, and one of the sisters (Connie Jr?) was coming over for a visit from her home in America.
Lynne do you think the schools hold onto pictures they took or do they chuck them all away.
Only just seen your post. We were in the same class at Balshaw's and I remember you well. You may remember that we had a 'mutual friend' in Bobby Taylor who lived in Laburnum Avenue.Have you any idea what became of him and his sister Anne? - We were close friends when we all lived on Albert Rd in Leyland in the 1940s.
Derek Wilkins

Originally posted by ozzy

My Name is Bob Hothersall.I attended Balshaws from 1952 to 1959 and my sister Glenys Hothersall from 1950 to 1957.

I remember Frank Damp in my form and walked with him on the cross country runs.

I have enjoyed reading the postings, took me back and sparked up the memories.

I now live in Hertfordshire having retired from lecturing and my sister now lives in New Zealand.

Regards to you old Balshavians.

Strayed onto the forum accidentally; oh boy, what a load of memories!

I'm George Park, originally from Avondale Drive in Lostock Hall, went to the primary school there with my mates Robin Bourn from Todd Lane North and Philip Walters from Prospect Avenue, then we went to Balshaws together in '57. We used to catch the S18 bus from the Moss Street stop on Brownedge Road where the houses were set back a bit and there was room to kick a tennis ball around whilst waiting. Sadly lost touch with both (and indeed with everyone else both from Lostock Hall and Balshaws) soon after when I joined the Army. I know from Robin's Mum that he went to Birmingham (I'd just missed him when I called whilst visiting my Mum who was still at Avondale) and I believe Philip went to work in the Labs at ROF Euxton and was living in Heskin.

Noel Eckton I remember you, you may recall that on the Saturday that the GCE results were posted in school, Robin, Philip and myself had cycled there and called at your house on the way home with your results. You mention St James' church at the top of Avondale Drive, I was in the choir until about '63 and used to carry the cross on processions.

I still visit my middle brother and his wife in Avondale Drive (same house we were brought up in); Mum passed away in 2002 after many years' membership of the Mothers' Union along with her friend Gillian Sumner's mum who is also mentioned on here and still going strong at 97!!

If anyone wants to get in touch, please do. 'Bye for now.

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