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Forum Newsfeeds
I did forget about the Forum, because I run my own forums for business and I spend the majority of my day on the computer / Internet generating work, marketing and doing research.

It is great to get reminders on Twitter about forum posts, it reminds me to return here and take a break from working. I enjoy my work so much that I forget to browse places like this forum. The Twitter link is only really seen by people who choose to follow the forum on twitter, it is not seen by the masses unless they choose to search for it directly or search for something relating to our conversations.

The feeds have been there since the forum started, but most people dont know what to do with them, what I was saying was that the information is sent out on them, not just the occasional post like on Twitter, but whole conversations, I was pointing out that they were never a problem in the past because people who worry about such things didnt know that they existed, so they couldnt worry about them. With Twitter as with RSS feeds, the majority of people will not find Leyland Forum, but the more technical competent will have more chance of coming across it and finding their way here. If you dont see a rash of people trying to corrupt you after finding conversations on the RSS feed then you are likely to have the same lack of problems via Twitter. I have to admit that its far easier to find us on Twitter than it is to search for RSS feeds but the principle is the same.
Phil, Perhaps people don`t reply much to your postings because `left field stuff` and `edges` simply don`t appeal. I`m not for one moment saying that you are not entitled to voice your opinions - because you undoubtedly are. Unfortunately, replying to you is akin to passing through a minefield or walking on eggs. In my case is`s far easier to keep my head down, rather than be shot at at every opportunity. As an example simply look at the once busy and interesting PNE site which has now been decimated and all but abandoned. PLEASE - don`t bring up the old `banter` chestnut, because we both know that is not the reason.
I understand what you mean about a smaller number of people, you knew that about 15 or 20 of us were involved in many conversations. I liked that, but I also like a variety of viewpoints. Small and exclusive is nice but more inclusive seems to be a better way to go for the future of the forum as a whole. I dont think too much will change on here, it will change but slowly, we wont get 20 people a day registering or anything like that, just a slow increase in visitor numbers. At least Martin has the power to block peoples accounts and also he can probably block based on IP address and other details so that should keep the muppets down a bit.
Martin this is all getting a bit heavy and tiresome don't you think. Lighten up folks and don't get bogged down with a lot of STUFF!!! relax
I agree Sandy, once people have got whatever it is they want to say off their chests, we can all move on to more interesting and enlightening topics.[}Smile]
Martin ~

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