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Looking to start a 'rubbish' five a side team
13-Mar-2012, 07:25 PM
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Looking to start a 'rubbish' five a side team
Hi anyone that reads this. I'm looking to start a 5 a side team for a league up in Clayton le Woods (unless there's any leagues actually in Leyland) but I'm looking for people that wouldn't take it seriously.

Don't get me wrong, I want people who'll turn up every week, what I mean is people who are either crap (hi), really unhealthy (hello again), or don't mind losing since you'll probably be playing with crap, unhealthy teammates.

The idea is for a laugh and to meet new people, as I love playing football but have always been naff. I want and need to lose weight and get fit and football would be the ideal way but I feel really uncomfortable approaching other teams since I'd probably never get a game. I just want to find like-minded people who want to play and will try to win but don't care if they get stuffed.

If you're reading this and it isn't for you but you think you might know someone, you'd do me a massive favour if you passed on the message and my email address which I've set up for this (don't want my personal one on a forum), which is

Thanks to anyone that reads this
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