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Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
02-Jan-2013, 11:40 AM
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Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Some will know of the "Buffs" from days gone by. Some will recall that their fathers were members of the Buffs. But today, sadly, we are not well known t the public and as a result, our membership has declined.
We are not a "Secret Organisation" we simple kept our Order from public view. Now, we want to change the ways of the past. In order to remain a positive force for good in our community, we need to let the community know we still exist and what we do, Our reasons for "Being" and why you should join us.

The RAOB is open to all men of good charactor 18years or over. Our aims and objectives: To take care of the needs of our own necessitous members, our widows and our orphans. To help or support such charitable causes deemed within our power, whether local or national.

In reality: We are a group of like minded men, who want a little bit of fun, whilst benefiting others within our families and community. We gather behind closed doors in private meetings and admit only those who are accredited members of our Order. membership is by nomination and Initiation. A ceremonial event where the "Candidate" for membership takes a solumn vow, never to reveal the signs and passwords given to him. This is mainly a historical means of introduction, but a part of our heretage. Our Lodges are situated throughout the UK and world wide. Here in Leyland we have 2 lodges:
Leyland Lodge No.4546 which meets 12.30pm every Sunday afternoon. Leyland Lodge was founded in 1922 and has just celebrated 90 years. One of the founding members was Arthur Sumner, a grandson of the Leyland Motors founder.
Also in Leyland, meeting every other week on a monday night at 8pm, is the New Era Lodge No.10229

To join, simply make your interest known to a member or me I an Leyland Lodge Secretary and a 3rd generation member of the RAOB.

If you wan to make a difference, the minimum you have t do is join. After that, you have an equal say in all the Lodge chooses to do, and your commitment is only as much as you are willing or able to give. The cost is a one off registration fee of £20.00 which covers all administration, rullebook. directory of Lodges and a Lodge tie.

Interested? Then all you need to do is make contact and let us know you are interested. You can withdraw at any time before initiation if you have any doubts.

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