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Ignore List
28-Sep-2013, 11:19 AM
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Ignore List
One useful feature of the forum is the 'Ignore List'. Angry

It's a fact of life that there will be disagreements on forums and message boards across the internet. Most of these resolve themselves over time, but there will always be the odd fallout that lingers on and can reappear in random posts without warning or reason.

If you read posts from some people and find that you cannot resist the urge to have a dig, then maybe the Ignore List is the answer.

If you put another member on the ignore list then you will not see their posts any more and the temptation to have a go at them will be reduced. You will also save yourself from falling foul of the forum Admin for inappropriate comments.

There are 2 ways to place a member on your Ignore List.

1. Click on the member's name either in the Member List or in a post and you will see their profile. On the right of the page towards the bottom you will see "Add to Ignore List". Click on this link.

2. Go to User CP (top of the page). In the Misc menu you will see Friend/Ignore List, click on this and add the members name to the ignore section.

Once you have put someone on ignore then you don't need to mention that person again.

Important Notice

If you put someone on ignore then please DO NOT post messages telling everyone that you have placed people on ignore. This will be seen as another way of trying to continue a conflict and it will not be tolerated.

Admin will remove any message that is deemed to have broken this rule.

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