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Re post on ignore list
28-Sep-2013, 12:08 PM
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Re post on ignore list
Aren't you shooting yourself in the foot here Admin? You could end up with a group of posters many of whom will be ignoring each other. How can a forum run properly and flourish like that?

I have never come across this before on any forum I have been associated with, and frankly I think it is very childish to decide to ignore the posts of other people based on a snap decision that you didn't like what they said on one occasion.

Aren't we supposed to be adults?
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28-Sep-2013, 12:21 PM
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RE: Re post on ignore list
I don`t wish people to think that I agree with everything that Germinal posts, because I DON`T. However, I am 100% behind what she has just said.

I doesn`t take a degree in rocket science to see that this forum DESPERATELY needs more posters and with half of those we have ignoring the other half is , quite frankly, bordering on lunacy.

If you object to something somebody has said THEN SAY SO! Who knows - you may even get a reply and before you know it we have the makings of a real live FORUM. Don`t simply go pressing buttons (and that also goes for the other end of the scale - with this `thank-you` thing).

O.K. So people may not agree with me but a blind person could see where we are currently heading.

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28-Sep-2013, 01:49 PM
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RE: Re post on ignore list
The Ignore button has been around for a while now and hasn't had any adverse effect on the forum. I don't think many people use it, it's just another feature.

Martin ~
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28-Sep-2013, 04:14 PM
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RE: Re post on ignore list
This topic is locked.

The reason I locked the original topic was because it was just for information and not something that needed debating.
We have already discussed this issue ad nauseam.

As the rules have already been broken within 5 posts, I am locking this one.

There is no need for more discussions regarding a feature that only one or two members use. It's their choice!
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