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07-Apr-2016, 07:47 AM
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Serious comment Peter, you are right, it is the fanatics that cause the troubles, but you know back through history religious groups have caused mayhem the world over, the Spanish inquisition etc etc, but as I said, as of now you are right.

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07-Apr-2016, 02:46 PM
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Having been directly involved with the airlines of the Islamic world, along with the Royal Flights of four of them, for my final 12 years with Boeing, I certainly have a lot of similar opinions to Peter. As long as they're major producers of fuels, we're stuck with the situation. The Bahrainis were OK to get along with. Their Gulf Air originally started out as a BOAC subsidiary and was still staffed by a lot of ex-pats when I dealt with them. They were fairly easy to work with. Emirates and Etihad hadn't been formed back then, but Saudia was in business.

The executive flights were very difficult to deal with. I suppose someone spending $500 million on a personal 747-400 to go with his A340 and six LearJets expects to get things his own way!

I'm certainly glad to be out of that business - retired in 1998.
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