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Fishwicks bus closure
Today, 12:09 AM
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RE: Fishwicks bus closure
You folks in Leyland are lucky to have such good bus services. Here in Anacortes we have just one hourly service that goes from our neighborhood via the ferry terminal, though Anacortes town center and out to a transfer station about 6 miles out east of town. There's a connecting service from there into Mount Vernon, our closest city, which is on Interstate 5, the main freeway between San Diego and the Canadian border. There are pretty good services from Mount Vernon to other towns in the county, plus express rush-hour services to Everett (55 miles away) and Bellingham (about 45 miles). I was driving for the transit company when those expresses started up. I was a relief driver, taking over other's routes if they were off work for some reason. My nightmare was having a relief job one day that ended at 22:00 and having the morning express to Everett the next day. It started at 04:30 - a short night's sleep for an old guy!

The good thing is that for us old folks, the fare is 50 cents to ride all day with transfers ($2.00 on the expresses). Needless to say, it's a Government agency (Skagit County) that runs it.

Frank D.
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