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Re engaging
27-Jul-2017, 10:55 PM
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RE: Re engaging

I'd hate to be in SF any time these days. Unbelievably high home prices, heavy traffic congestion and high cost of living for things other than housing. Sure, the climate is pretty good year-round, not like our dreary winters, but we're very happy to be living here. There's a certain satisfaction in living in a place where folks spend a lot of money to come and visit for a vacation.

The air fare from the UK to the US West coast (Seattle) is a lot less on carriers like Icelandair than on British Airways. Maybe worth considering? Yeah, it's a much longer flight than one to Turkey or Crete - about 12 hours including a stop-over/change of planes in Reykyavik).

Lots of wine tasting and craft beers, stunning scenery (Mount Rainier - 14,900 ft) and people speak English (or a close approximation).

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28-Jul-2017, 01:11 PM
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RE: Re engaging
I've never really thought of the US Frank, though my wife has been, and son of course a few weeks ago. She visited Niagara (both sides) then toured round the area, amongst the places I remember her saying Buffalo? where she watched paint dry, aka baseball. Apparently draws are not allowed, or so she said. And she did comment on the huge meals that were dished up. ( obesity calling?) It's odd isn't it how Americans love their sports, can't stand ours, and vice versa? I really wouldn't know where to go to.
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