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Merry Christmas
I`m trying to handle it noel but it gets harder the more I try.Big Grin
In Boris we trust. And if you believe that you're dafter than me Tongue
Boris Bungle has hit all the soft spots mainly those in the head noel.Confused
My local MP has put her hat in the ring to run for leader of LABOUR party, thats asking a lot as she had a reduced majority in the election.

frank h.
That's Wigan's MP Frank? Don't know her name, Ribble Valley is a big Tory majority, Donald Duck would get in if he stood for them. Jeremy Corbyn has been the Tories' secret weapon, Well we're stuck with what we're stuck with. What do you all think of the split in the royal family? I'm not actually surprised about Harry and Megan and actually not really bothered but the right wing papers are up in arms. It was always going to be difficult for a strong willed black actress to settle in to the Royal regime. Just hope they pay their own way in life and don't rely on we poor taxpayers.
All I can say is we are glad to be out of it here on Crete, but my family still struggling along in the U.K. would echo what you both have said, I only hope that they leave our pensions alone just because we are now ex-pats, they have taken our winter fuel allowance thanks to I.D.S even though it still is cold with snow here in winter in the Med.
I watched a TV travel show last night about Crete, the presenter visited Mailia area and traveled in to the hills to sample cheese making and to sample raki. They also went to Rethyimno old town a place I'm familiar with having stayed in the area. While there they sampled baklava making and watched a guy making wooden string instraments. It makes one want to come back again but we are going to visit Marrakech in Morocco at the end of this month, we may get to Crete in October.

frank h.
I watched that program too Frank and Dave. The Dikti range, we toured that last time we were in Crete and the White Mountains too in the east. Spinalonga, been there too . We ate Baklava once when we stayed in Halkidiki. Never gain I'm afraid it was far too sweet for my tastes. I'm grapefruit with no sweetener on. My wife met Julie Bradbury who was presenting the program on scout camp once, coincidentally she runs ( my wife) a scout group called Bradbury so she was able to have a good chat with her and get photo selfies, as these youngsters do.

Dave I sympathise with your winter allowance, the first thing the tories and libdems did when the formed the coalition was cut ours by £50 too.

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