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St Marys High School
I went to St Marys High School, I know they have given it some poncy name now but it's still the same to me.

I left in.. ohhh let me see, 1979. I hope thats right, it was a long time ago.

I can't remember much about it, probably because nothing memorable happened while I was there.

Having fun now though

In The Pink
Martin ~
hi martin i left st marys in about 75,didnt dislike school but dont remember much about it.

it was a long time ago.

for anyone who remembers me my name then was Hendy


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Hi all

St Mary's - I served 5 years (1971-1976) what a waste of an education! I'm sure (hope) it's changed a lot since my days!


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I went to St Marys High School 72-77 and left Leyland when I was 18 for the bright lights of Manchester!!!! Have been in contact with a few people through FriendsReunited but it would be nice to hear from anybody else who might remember me.

Does anybody remember when there was a fire and we had to attend school part-time for a while!! Selling dinner tickets and standing outside the chippy at lunchtime? Marion Adams - Art, Mr Bates, Mr Guest and Mrs Magill (German), Mr Harrison (Head), Miss Higginson etc. etc.

Ann Marie
Ann Marie
Hi annmarie Mr bates is still there,and mrs adams,mrs magill. all still look the same.
i remember the fire,was that the time they rebuilt it and named it the mercer block,or am i on the wrong track.
the chippy and dinner tickets i remember,and not wanting others to know you got free dinner,what a long time ago.
here's the web link guys

Hello I see some of you thought that 1975/79,was a long time ago,well I left St Marys High in 1954,(the old school, on school lane .hows that for a long time ago.I note with interest that a new block was named the Mercer block. This can only be after Mr Mercer a Music teacher at my school.He taught me, and I have been a semi pro Pianist and organist most of my life,Pubs/Clubs etc.
Keep up the good work,and I will read your comments avidly,.
All the best for now Tony Dilworth.

Anthony Dilworth
Anthony Dilworth
hey john

your getting to good at giving us these links,back to school we go
I don't remember a fire at the school, that must have been just before my time. I do remember the Mercer block and a new sports hall being opened in my first year there, the changing rooms were almost complete then.

Nobody has mentioned Mr Hayes the maths teacher yet, he taught me and my brother 10 years earlier.

In The Pink
Martin ~
I was at St Mary's from 1972-77 and have very vivid memories of many of the characters at the School.

I'm currently attending a German refresher course and the stuff that Mr Guest drummed into me is slowly coming back.

My profession is that of a scientist so I particular memories of the activities in the chemistry labs which would never be allowed now because of safety concerns and Crispin Myerscough's unique approach to physics.

Maths was another favourite and I remember the gasps of amazement when the first electronic calculator appeared which was the size of a lap top and had the energy consumption of a small city. Made a nice change from the hand-wound calculating machines.

I seem to remember that the fire was caused by a kiln being used to fire pottery.



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