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St Marys High School
i left in 76 (i think), my school nickname was 'watz' anyone remember me?. i seem to remember we had a disproprotionate ammount of bombscares and fire alarms. were the real ira very active inb leyland at the time, we seemed to be forever in the tennis courts!!
does anyone know a guy called dave newby? anyone got a contact addy for him?
i remmeber a lit of time spend rubbing the back of dinner ticlkets against the wall to get the name off!!
and goung down the chippy which used to sell v cold very lush bottles of iron bru!!

star jumpers n northern soul, sleeveslewss jumpers with sos on.

was there a teacher called mister knight with a strap fetish?

i can resist everything except temptation
do as you would be done by
the sadastic, torturing, unproffesional, child abusing gits were still up to it in 75!
and so were the teachers! haha

off topic did there used to be an under 18's disco at the civic on a monday night with a bar and separate coloued membership cards for different age groups or did i completly invent that memory.

did anyone go on a bizaree school trip to belguim to play footie?

i can resist everything except temptation
do as you would be done by
sorry steve i got muxed ip and entered message in your field somehow.
I left in 1980 I remember the fire because it delayedthe start of term for the first years in 1975 my year. My daughter is now in first year and the staff who remain from my time are Mrs Magill, Mrs Scott Mr Bates, Mr Davidson, Mr Simpson, Mr McDermot and Mr Willoughby. Sadly(?) Miss Reddy died earlier this year she was 88 think.
I used to go to West Paddock youth club on Fridays and The Parish on Saturdays I can remember the Civic but I wasn't allowed to go so I can't vouch for the membership cards. What my mum thought I'd do there that I wasn't already doing at the other places I can't guess.
Any way if you remember me I'd love to hear from you, and as an honoury Leylander (I'm from Euxton) I think that Tesco's return will be the making of the town.
How the heck do you get this bit into the computer? I must have retyped this 3 times now. Sorry Steve i really don't want to be you though I think I remember you, weren't you head or deputy head boy with Alan Cleminson? Yes there was a Disco at the Civic and i can't vouch for the cards because i wasn't allowed to go. please forgive me for repeating myself if you've already read this info but I will get the hang of PC's if it kills me.Or my hubby kills me which is more likely as I keep c**cking things up. There are plenty of old timers still onthe staff at LSMs Mrs Magill, Mr Bates, Mrs Scott, Mr Davidson, Mr Willoughby, Mr McDermot and Mr Simpson. You get a trip down memory lane when your kids start at school, yes i was foulhardy enough to inflict room 5 on my daughter though its a lot warmer now than it was in 1980 the entrance is actually inside school now not in the playground does any one remember Mr Day he taught history in rm% it was freezing in there we thought he was Mr Knights boyfriend as they were both sadists. It was Miss Holden who had the kitchen roll centre as a strap as I recall and Miss Brindle was a fearsome woman too. You were in big trouble if you got sent to her, and do you remember Mr Clark? his cane was a 6 foot garden pole. Smashing bloke though. I remember some football team going to Mexico and Jim'll fit being involved.
Hiya Kath

Looks like your doing ok to me... Before long you'll be a forum junkie.

In The Pink
Martin ~
Thanx for the vote of confidence martin, good to know someone else hasn't got anything else to do on a Sunday night, you might remember my mum she was the head dinner lady in the kitchen so i had to behave myself at school all the time. If you go on friends reunited there is a lot of us old LSM pupils registered, not many of us have grown up either. I think i can change my hobby entry to e-mailing old school friends from what are hobbies now, lets hope more people find this site, keep up the good work,
Blimey Kath, are you a typist or what? you seem to get plenty typed up in no time.

All my family went to St Marys, my (older)sister used to be friends with Mr Harrisons daughter and my even older brother had hippy hair back in the sixties. I just passed time until my thirties

In The Pink
Martin ~
Hi I went to St Marys and left in 1963 - so I am a lot older than the rest of you. What was your brothers name Martin? My name was Jean Smith and I had ginger hair - I have two brothers Ian (50 next week) and Keith 42. Anybody know any of us?

Jean Finch
why is no one from st marys posting on here anymore?

i can resist everything except temptation
do as you would be done by

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