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St Marys High School
19-Jun-2003, 11:31 PM
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Sorry to confuse you Bill.
I hadn't read your profile so I didn't know where you live. Anyway yes Market st is the main street through Chorley, its very different now all pedestrianised. I will try to find some photos and scan them in for you.
I am 38 years young so i doont go back very far, my parents are in their early 60's so they may remember some of the things you mentiona They are away at the moment so I can't ask them.
I think you got your flat on Pall Mall or Moor Road out of Chorley on the way to Coppull.
I go into Leyland shopping every week as its easier to park than in Chorley and nearer to the end of Euxton I live (near the Bay Horse)
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11-Aug-2003, 06:40 PM
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Hi everyone I left St Mary's in 79.
I absolutely hated the place, my poor brothers Richard and Mark had to follow in my footsteps too.
I remember Miss Reddy retiring and Mr Harrison taking over.
My first day there was a few weeks after every one else because I had moved back from Bristol. Very intimidating, never got any better after that.
One of my first lessons, PE with Master Bates as I remebered him many years later.
Then there was the mad physics teacher Mr Ryan who thought nothing of hitting the wooden bench very hard with a wooden ruler to get your attention.
I noticed the reunion in october, I will try to get to that if I can.
Also there is a picture from St Annes, does anybody know what year it was taken? I think I may be on it, but not sure.

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10-Feb-2008, 07:16 AM
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G'day Wats

Pete Harris here. Long time no hear. Its good to see you're still around mate. Take care and keep the faith. I used to enjoy our sojourns in your place.

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10-Feb-2008, 07:33 AM
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Hiya Martin

Long time no hear. Glad to see you're doing well. I remember being in Crispins class also in 4th and 5th year, after having Mrs whatever her name was as physics teacher up to the 3rd year. I think, I spent a year skiving physics at XXXXXX's house (don't wish to incriminate anyone however many families recieved unexpected meat deliveries during this period) Crispin spent his own time making a useless student like me perform and showed me what a real teacher is like. I'm glad I was in his class or the world of understanding I now have wouldn't have happened because he showed me that physics was the thing that actually makes many of the things in the world go around.

I now use this fantastic subject (physics, combined with maths and geology)to unravel the whereabouts of deeply buried oil and gas accumulations all over the world and suss out the best ways to get them out of the ground.

Hats off to Crispin - best teacher I ever had, and the funniest. Do you remember the paper clip and the elastic band and the calculation of the heat from Sammy's cherry red face?

I still have my first calculator and it still works (circa 1976 casio). People I work with think I'm mad using it, but I can do maths in my head and they can't.

Take care Martin and glad to hear from you after all these years


Originally posted by MartinRice

I was at St Mary's from 1972-77 and have very vivid memories of many of the characters at the School.

I'm currently attending a German refresher course and the stuff that Mr Guest drummed into me is slowly coming back.

My profession is that of a scientist so I particular memories of the activities in the chemistry labs which would never be allowed now because of safety concerns and Crispin Myerscough's unique approach to physics.

Maths was another favourite and I remember the gasps of amazement when the first electronic calculator appeared which was the size of a lap top and had the energy consumption of a small city. Made a nice change from the hand-wound calculating machines.

I seem to remember that the fire was caused by a kiln being used to fire pottery.



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