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The Oldest Shoppe in Preston
16-Nov-2005, 02:37 PM
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Originally posted by dottymapley

Yes, David, I can help you a little with this: at the bottom of Stoneygate in Preston is Arkwright House, where the first "Spinning Jenny" was set up for producing warp thread. It was called a Water Frame because it was driven by water power from the River Syke which ran alongside the house to the left of Arkwright House. There is still a small street called Syke Street there today. In 1812 (cue Overture music!!) the river was culverted in, but still flows about eight feet below the surface. So howzabout that, then?quote][i]

You're a wealth of knowledge Dotty, thank you. Funnily enough I did go on a search mission in that area and did in fact walk along Syke Street, bottom of Cannon Street just before Cross Street. Someone had told me there were some 16th century houses still standing on Syke Street, but I couldn't find them. I did come across the New Cock Yard though, I thought that had been demolished along with the New Cock Inn, apparently not, only the part that led off Fishergate was demolished.
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16-Nov-2005, 03:55 PM
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Yes, Mears shop brings back many happy memories for me. In 1963 & 64 I was employed there as a "Saturday girl" in the Toy Department, earning the stupendous sum of £1.00 for working from 9am to 6pm (this was good, as Woolworths only paid fifteen shillings for the same hours!) They started me off on the Fireworks counter but I was quickly transferred to soft toys, then I subsequently got the hang of the almost vertical staircase to the stockroom, from whence I had to carry dolls' prams, pedal cars, etc - all in their boxes! No Health & Safety at Work in those days, eh? It was very much a "family" atmosphere: the joint proprietors were Mr Michael Mears and his cousin Mr Peter Sloane, always addressed and referred to as "Mr Michael" and Mr Peter". They solemnly handed us our little wage packets each Saturday. Our supervisor was a dear lady called Mrs Bathgate who had great presence and always kept a watchful eye on we teenage girls. A day spent on my feet, and I still had the energy to go dancing at the Top Rank ballroom afterwards!!quote:

Originally posted by Alan Marsden

Mears !! A fascinating shop, what a joy to stroll thru !

One could enter in Fishergate or Cannon St.

Mears later opened a furniture/carpet shop on Friargate, just opposite where the Hippodrome used to be !

Merigolds also used to have a shop with a raised level at the rear, next door to the Odeon/New Vic., they also sold some toys ,and sports gear !

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17-Nov-2005, 09:18 PM
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Back to the money bit.... I don't buy any currency.
I use my bank card in the ATMs for cash and my Visa card
for my puchases. Visa also insures my purchases.
Any leftover cash I save till next time.
Coins can be put into the children's charity envelopes
on the plane.

Absolutely no problems ever.[Big Grin]

T. D.
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17-Nov-2005, 09:25 PM
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I'll try that next time over. Sounds like a good idea.
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18-Nov-2005, 08:19 PM
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The Hot Potato man is still in the vicinity of Cheapside, although is now more towards the Sessions House building across the Flag Market. Well, perhaps the man has changed, but I think the hand cart is still the same!!
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10-Jul-2016, 12:37 PM
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RE: The Oldest Shoppe in Preston
Hi Dotty,
Apologies for reviving such an old post first of all.
This "Brown & Brooke" chip shop you mention, was that on the corner of Skeffington Road and Maitland Street? My cousin owned that shop if it is the same one. (Am trying to find out where it was and trace the ancestry) I have an old photo of it here with the guys both outside. Will upload when I figure out how to, hahaha.

[quote='dottymapley' pid='14562' dateline='1123184115']
Now, David, you've started something here - I know New Hall Lane is a long road, but did you live near Skeffington Road? My grandma lived there until her death in 1964, near "Brown & Brooke", the fish and chip shop! I went there every Saturday and many times during school holidays - my gran's, that is, not the chip shop. My parents were married at St Matthew's Church nearby. Also remember Mr & Mrs Woodruff's shop on the corner of Scotforth Road, and Unsworth's on Ribbleton Lane (where my older cousin used to take me for a walk then try to lose me...)quote:

Originally posted by David
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