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Claremont Adult Soccer Association (CASA)
27-Sep-2005, 04:53 PM
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Claremont Adult Soccer Association (CASA)
Our new season is underway ....
I've already reffed six games and, wonders never cease, only had to issue one yellow card, no red so far.
How's YOUR league doing ??
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29-Sep-2005, 04:59 AM
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Hi David
Just finished our season in the South Australian Masters. Struggled to get enough players all season and were relegated to Div.2. I'll be back next season though and I think (hope!) we'll be a bit more organised.
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29-Sep-2005, 02:56 PM
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Dave L; Funny you should mention the problem with getting players to the games, it happens at all levels of the amateur game I guess. With that in mind, in our leagues we have a law that says that a player receiving a yellow card must leave the field for a period of 10 minutes...but can be replaced by another team member.
This season I talked to the guy that runs the leagues and suggested, and it was adopted, that a team with only 11 players or less, in that situation, the player does not have to leave the field.
It will eliminate the situation where a team with say only 10 players have shown up, and then one gets a yellow, they would be down to 9 players for ten minutes...I think that was a fair decision ??? Let's say one team has a sub, 12 players, and the other
only has ten. Both teams receive a yellow team still has 11 players on the field, they being able to sub for the player getting the ten minute break, while the other team would be down to NINE for ten minutes...didn't seem fair to me ??
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