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Balshaw's photo 1959
I've only just found out (by accident) that the 1959 Balshaw's photo has its own topic! (Query: how do you get a list of all the topics? I only stumbled across this by scrolling from topic to topic.)

I posted the following on the main Balshaws topic. I'm repeating it here in case anyone missed it (and is still interested!)

As one of the "oldies" on the photo (I was in Lower Sixth), I can add some of the seniors' names. So here goes. I'll try not to repeat any that have already been identified, except where I think an error has been made, or to clarify any confusion.

Back row: 4. Schofield; 11. Birchall; 12. Bob Little?; 14. Derek Hodgson; 15. Wiggins; 16. Frank Wilson; 17. Unsworth; 22. Baxendale; 23. Neil Speakman; 33. Derrick Robinson (Head Boy, 60-61); 34. Ken Jolley; 35. Dickinson; 44. Derek Houghton; 48. David Briers; 49. Jeffrey (Geoffrey?) Gray; 50. John Lawton; 65. Tom Taylor

Next row: 5. Lester Briers; 19. Roger Hoyle; 33. Roger Thrippleton; 34. Alan Mattinson; 54. Mervyn Robinson

Next row: 45. Sheila Mayor

Next row: None

Next row: 5. Elsie Speakman; 6. Sandra Snape; 7. Dorothy Grimshaw; 10. Pauline Afflick; 26. Cynthia Davies?; 27. Margaret Smith; 37. Eileen Hoskins? ; 50. Margaret Freeman; 54. Barbara Hill?; 56. Judith Prendergast; 59. Margot Fraser; 79. Audrey Bland

Next row: 12. Alan Davies (Head Boy, 59-60); (TeachersSmile 26. Hewitson (woodwork); 31. Bull; 34. Rahill; 37. Lewis; 38. Ife (formerly Probart); 40. Ball; Pickersgill (formerly Hutchings); (PupilsSmile 58. Jean Walsh; 59. Barbara Hitchen; 64. Mary Ellis; 65. Edmondson; 66. Ann(e?) Smith (Head Girl, 59-60 or possibly 60-61)

Other rows: nothing to add

Quick note on myself: a confirmed globetrotter, my places of residence after leaving Balshaw's went London, Lancashire, London, North Wales, New Zealand, Surrey, New Zealand, Germany, Dundee, North Wales, Surrey, West Wales. Last post was Professor and Head of Physics at Kingston University, now semi-retired and living in Pembrokeshire. I married Elsie Speakman (see above) in 1965, but Elsie sadly died of cancer in 1985. We had no children. I have since re-married and have two stepchildren, now grown up, of course.

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