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Barnoldswick - perry571 - 31-Jul-2009

I am interested in a place called Barnoldswick and The Independent Methodist Chapel in connection with my family tree and family Murray.
If anyone can help?


- burnleybabe - 15-Apr-2010

Barnoldswick is a small village, near Colne in Lancs. I live very near and have visited many times. If there is anything you want me to check I would be happy to help.


- Martin - 15-Apr-2010

I used to drive up to Barnoldswick every day when I was at Securicor. But that's not really any help.

- Fiverise - 16-Apr-2010

Used to play cricket there 50 years ago when it was in Yorkshire before the boundary changes think we were in the central Bradford league but that's not much help either.