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Tulip Time - anacortesdamp - 06-May-2010

Late March through April is flower time around here. The Skagit Valley is one of the biggest growing areas for daffodils, tulips and irises in the world. We have a Tulip Festival evey year in April and it's a big tourist draw.

The Seattle Times printed a reader photograph of a tulip field at sunset that I thought was good enough to use as wallpaper on my desktop and to share with the forum.

[Image: 2011714323.jpg]


- Ant - 06-May-2010

I love tulips they are always a nice bright start for gardeners

- Caroline - 07-May-2010

At the back of our row of houses... all is green.

[Image: 4583204673_d10a9989c0.jpg]

- davdo2004 - 07-May-2010

Just had a 'blossom storm' outside my house !
Sorry, but I don't know how to embed pictures. Just call me Mr Thicko.