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Our weekend trip - anacortesdamp - 25-Aug-2010

I'll be posting a couple of photos tomorrow, but we took our recently acquired motorhome on a four-day trip over the weekend. It's our third trip since we got it in mid-July, and we think we've found most of the "wrinkle" that need fixing. We'll slow down a bit for the next 6 weeks or so. About 8 miles to a US gallon has an influence on that, but gasoline is around $2.90 a gallon so it's manageable.
Our trip took us to the Columbia Gorge, which forms the boundary between the states of Washington and Oregon. It used to be a raging torrent of a river, but has been turned into a number of large lakes by a series of hydro-electric dams.

We stayed at a place called "Wanapum State Park", part of the system of state parks in Washington. They have an on-line booking system which allows you to reserve a site. It shows a map of the park, with the roads and campsites identified by the service they have. It also shows photos of the views from the site. We were able to get a site that gave us uninterrupted views downstream to the next dam.

We like to have mains electricity (usually 30A/115V, but sometimes 50A)and "city" water. Sewer hookup can be useful, and our site at Wanapoum had that. We were able to dump both grey and black holding tanks before we left.

The day we got to Wanapum it was really
windy. I estimate steady winds of about 60 mph with gusts up to about 75. It kept it up from our arrival at about 2 pm on Sunday util Monday breakfast time, when it suddenly went quiet. Monday and today (until we left the park mid-morning) were absolutely gorgeous - blue skies, no clouds, temperature about 75F and humidity down in the teens.

It reinforced the reasons why we went into debt to buy the big wheeled box!

Photos to follow, after I open a Photobucket account. I've given up trying to build a family web-site - it's too much hassle.


- noel - 25-Aug-2010

Looking forward to seeing the photos Frank. 8 miles a gallon, that would cripple you over here with petrol at £1.13 a litre and due to go up 5p soon when the last government's increase kicks in.

- anacortesdamp - 27-Aug-2010

Getting organised to put things on a photo-hosting system. Any pluses, minuses or preference regarding Photobucket or Picasa?


- shuffy - 28-Aug-2010

I have only ever used photobucket but always been very happy with that.

- noel - 28-Aug-2010

i've only used photobucket also Frank and always found it quite good. There's also something called flicker that a lot who send photos to me seem to use.

- Spitfire - 28-Aug-2010

I`ve tried several over the years and always thought that Photobucket had the edge on the others.
Did you know that THIS site has the ability to host photos? I have used it - but not for quite a while now. Nothing at all wrong with it - but you really need ALL your photos to be on ONE host site(saves a load of searching when you can`t remember where you posted them[?]).

- noel - 01-Sep-2010

How's it going Frank? Have you managed to navigate round photobucket?

- anacortesdamp - 03-Sep-2010


Photobucket isn't the problem (yet). For some screwball reason, my computer's USB ports have gone off line (except for the one my printer is on. As a result, I have to download the camera to SWMBO's netbook and then transfer the file across to my computer. Haven't had a chance to do that yet.

In the slightly longer term, I need to investigate why the USB connections on the front of the box have gone Tango Uniform.


- Caroline - 03-Sep-2010

I've used Picasa and Flickr and prefer the latter, also saw a comparison of the two (speed, quality of image) and Flickr came out best.

- Martin - 04-Sep-2010

Frank, I had a similar problem with my usb hub. My printer and dvd writer worked but ipod and other small devices wouldn't function properly. I eventually discovered that the power lead had come out and although it still worked it couldn't power the small devices.