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Our trip through Eastern Washington - anacortesdamp - 17-Sep-2011

Just got back late this afternoon from a trip over the mountains into the eastern part of the state. We spent two nights on the outskirts of Leavenworth, two nights at a gorgeous campground run by the local electric utility on the east bank of the Columbia River near Lake Chelan, and one night at a CG near Winthrop, on Lake Pearrygin.

Photos to follow in the next couple of days.


- Peter Harris - 18-Sep-2011

Excellent Frank - hope you had a ball - Peter

- anacortesdamp - 18-Sep-2011

Thanks, Peter, it was an enjoyable trip. As we approached Leavenworth, a forest fire had just started along the edge of the road. We met the response team a bit further down. It was a bit scary to see a 120-ft fir tree ablaze from bottom to top just 10' away from the road.

It was very hot in Leavenworth, which made wandering around a bit difficult Our outdoor min/max thermometer showed the max for Mondy was 116 F. The transducer was in the shade of the awning.

Chelan was cooler - mid 90's, but that's much easier to live with when you're in a spacious camgpground with lots of shade trees and grass, rather than the exposed, gravel-surfaced cliff-top site we were on in Leavenworth.

The temp in Winthrop was a surprise, mid-70s, sunny and with a pleasant breeze. Tha CG was reasonably spacious, but the interior roads were gravel and very dusty.

We did just under 400 miles for the trip, going over a 5500' mountain pass on the way home the last day. Horsing a 10-ton, 32-foot motor-home on the downhill side was tiring - the roads are quite narrow. The motorhome performed well, better than 7 USmpg, no overheating on the long slog up Washington Pass despite having the a/c on.

Haven't unloaded the camera yet, so pics will be a day or two.


- batteryhen - 19-Sep-2011

7mpg? Glad to see you're being responsible with the planet. The average supermarket truck does better than this and feeds communities for a week!

- anacortesdamp - 28-Sep-2011

I follow the English guy (Daily Telegraph Motoring page, I think) that said "the quicker we burn off all the fossil fuels, the quicker the powers that be will figure out an alternative". At 7 mpg. I'm doing my part!!! It's better than the 5 mpg I got with our last RV.

The first photo below shows a view across the Icicle River gorge from our campsite, looking up about 15 degrees. The two rocks in the foreground are about 5 feet from the front bumper! I figure the top of the ridge is about 400 ft above our campsite.

[Image: IcicleRiverCanyon1.jpg]

The second pic is looking down towards the river from roughly the same place. It's maybe 250' down.

[Image: IcicleRiverCanyon2.jpg]

When we got about 5 miles from the turn-off from US2 to the campground we came across a forest fire, right along the edge of the highway for about a half mile. It had started in the grass and lower vegetation, but there were a couple of 125 foot fir trees ablaze all the way to their tops. Scary stuff.

Mor photos of our other two stops in a day or two.


- LDunlop76 - 12-Oct-2011

Lovely photos, Frank.

- anacortesdamp - 12-Oct-2011

More to come later this week, Linda. It's been a bit hectic the last few days.