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Kangaroo steaks - Dave H - 18-Dec-2014

One for Peter, We got some kangaroo steaks from Lidl`s, they were very tasty but a little tough, any suggestions, may be Peter can help with some ways to cook them. Smile

RE: Kangaroo steaks - Peter Harris - 19-Dec-2014

Never touch the stuff personally - now that's how to do it

RE: Kangaroo steaks - Dave H - 19-Dec-2014

Ooops, sorry Peter

RE: Kangaroo steaks - Peter Harris - 19-Dec-2014

All pork - beautiful - not an halal ounce in any of it - shamefully washed down with a freezing XXXX or several

RE: Kangaroo steaks - sandyship - 22-Dec-2014

How can you beasts think of it they are magnificent creatures, a joy to behold when you see them in the wild bounding about.....grrrrrr

RE: Kangaroo steaks - Peter Harris - 22-Dec-2014

If God didn't want us to eat animals he shouldn't have made them out of meat Smile

RE: Kangaroo steaks - Peter Harris - 09-Oct-2015

If you want a good laugh google "bush tucker programs" a host of these programs have sprung up trying to show the diversity and culinary worth of many of the Aussie wild plants and other things in eating and staying alive. Unfortunately, earlier shows have had a more important role - staying alive (without having packed a Bee Gee's CD) if you get stranded in the outback.

Most of the things like widgety grubs and some of the red things hanging from bushes, an SAS man behind the lines wouldn't eat, never mind wash down with his urine.

The look on the peoples faces as they taste and then try to sat "oooh yummy" is quite funny as they attempt to mask their disgust.

They also try and show bush ingenuity which normally involves upending a 4 wheel drive and using the winch or back wheel's rotation for something or other. This is also quite comical as you visualise someone walking up and saying "why didn't you just knock on the front door"? as the building collapses.