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Festival 2019 - frank h - 16-Jun-2019

Anyone get to the festival this year? was it a wet one! It sounded like a good theme "Musical Theater"

frank h.

RE: Festival 2019 - noel - 17-Jun-2019

We had our 5 years old grandson over the weekend and he wanted to go to the Windmill Animal Farm near Martin Mere so he won. I doubt we'd have gone anyway, the park would be quite damp after the recent weather. Years back I used to help put out the stalls before the event,. I have a photo somewhere of elephants in the procession as they passed my parents house. You wouldn't get that now.

RE: Festival 2019 - frank h - 17-Jun-2019

I had a look on the "Visit Leyland" link on the forum there are a few photos posted. Noel your memories reminded me about the advert for this years Festival on the same site, it showed the rear end of a black late 30s or early 40s Rover. I had a similar red 1947 Rover12 which was used in the procession the first time it started from Centurian Way. Happy days!

frank h.

RE: Festival 2019 - noel - 18-Jun-2019

One of my sons went on the park after the procession. One of the usual things missing this year was the fireworks display. Too wet maybe or just lack of funds.