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The Legend of the Leyland Cat Creature
I remember Wellfield School in the early 60's - we were told by the teacher that the legend was real - he said - the stones for the church were put at a place near Whittle-le-Woods and they were mysteriously transported to Church Road in Leyland. Then the stones were taken back and it happened again. The night watchman said that it was a huge black cat that took them in it's mouth and carried them away. The explanation the teacher told us was - that it was the people of Leyland who desperately needed the church - knowing it would create a lot of trade and therefore make Leyland prosperous - they carried the stones in the dark all that way and told the watchman not to say a word - so he must have created the story to deceive his bosses. The people of Leyland must have planned and worked together to do such a thing- it was their determination and spirit of enterprise that put Leyland on the map.

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