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Bleach Works
My first house I bought after getting wed, was a new build on Stanings Hazelwood Close. I lived there for five years till my first born then the misses wanted to move back to Wigan to be near her mother. The ponds were teaming with wild life and a plesant area to walk around. The builders were in truble and we got it cheap for a quick sale.

frank h.
I don't know the area too well Frank but there is a pond still there with fishing rights. We've been in our house 30 years now and I think builders were working on it then? O e of our neighbours at the time said they were moving in to one of the houses, Mike Stowell the then Everton keeper bought their house.
The street was a haven for dogs at a the top of the street was a Pyrenean mountain dog, I had an Old English sheep dog as did the people across from us, my nextdoor neighbour had Samoyed and at the bottom of the street were a couple of mixed breeds.

frank h.
It wasn't too many years ago dogs were allowed to run free in the streets and white dog poo... Yuk. Wouldn't think of walking my dog off the lead now quite apart from the hefty fine. He's not very big, border terrier.
Leashes have been required in the US for many years, whenever a dog is off its (fenced) home turf. We aren't even supposed to let them off at the beach, but we often do, as our local beaches are never very busy at the times we're out with the dog.

We just got our 7th Labrador, in the last 57 years, a yellow female. We only had one non-Lab over the years, what I called a "thorough-bred mongrel". She was a mix of so many different "looks" that there was no way to tell.

The latest one, like the last 4, is a mature dog. She was put up for adoption when the last kid in the family went off to college. She was 10 back in late June. At just-turned 77, I didn't want the family to have to decide who got the dog when we passed away.

Working out really well so far!
That's what bothers me about our border terrier Frank and it'll be our last dog if we outlive it we're going to downsize in the near future, rattling around in a big house that needs things doing new ensuite bathroom etc and £8k is the going rate for a bathroom replacement.
That's worried me Noel - we have 2 bathrooms which are looking old-fashioned and need renewing (not to mention kitchen cupboards and appliances) . . . . .
Worried me too I've got ensuite bathroom cloakroom and kitchen need doing...
We're a bit better off as far as condition goes. Carpets need replacing throughout, some minor damage from the 2002 earthquake needs fixing and the interior needs a complete repaint. We bought the place new 19 years ago, and the interior decor is original. Bathrooms are in good shape apart from decor, though I would prefer a walk-in shower rather than the shower/tub combination in the master bathroom

We bought it as a downsize, from a 4-bedroom 2600 sq. ft. 2 story to a 3-bedroom, 1700 sq. ft. bungalow. It's also in a very pleasant small seaside town, about equidistant from Seattle and Vancouver BC. We love it here and don't plan on moving unless there are medical reasons that would be better handled if we were closer to our children.

Frank D.
Earthquake? I didn't know you were in an earthquake zone Frank?

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