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Shopping centre sold for £47.5m
Yes LD I did indeed wag school and what's more didn't get caught.
I was in a class of my own being the only Classics student in the 6th form .I had no regular timetable and no particular rooms to go to.Most of the time I was told just to follow Johnny Downer's classes and sit with them, but half the time he was so engrossed in going purple with indignation at how little his beginning students were capable of learning he told me just to study somewhere.Anywhere!
So I did!!!!!
As long as I produced some visible translations and essays from time to time no one seemed to worry.
Happy days
You jammy thing, Lady G! You would have had no chance of that at my school - all the A level subjects were heavily subscribed and tabs were kept on all. Even when we tried to skive off the un-necessary once a week lesson of "maths for physics" (for those of us doing physics, but not maths A level) the teacher tracked us down in the library! LOL!
' Kind Hearts and Coronets'- the relatives were played by Alec Guiness I think, Linda.
Yes, you are right, Caroline! I saw a clip of Alec Guinness in the roles the other day and meant to come on here and correct myself, but never got round to it.

Originally posted by William R

Lady G, Right, unless you went to see Jane of the Daily Mirror. There were some good acts on as well. Mgt. and me used to go regularly, she liked a pseudo Spanish dancer called Bill Dane, very slim surrounded by exotic dancers. It was at the junctiion of Lancaster Road and Tithebarn Street, opposite the Co-op I think.Cheers, Bill.

I got here via a web-search for "Bill Dane": so far as I can see this is the only mention of this man on the entire internet! Dane was a regular at the City Varieties at Leeds where I was a student from 1961 to 1964; he danced (pseudo-Spanish is right) accompanied by 3 female dancers in (frequently laddered) fishnet stockings. His whole act was strikingly camp and bizarre - and undeniably memorable. I am glad that there is at least one other person in the universe who remembers his act!
Hi Jeremy, Welcome to the Forum - and greetings from Barnsley from over the hill.

Its good to know that someone else knew of the Palace Theatre, They would be very "tame" shows by today`s standards, but we used to enjoy making the trip to see what was new.We used to marvel at the fan dancers, the strippers who didn`t move, Blue Moon was a favourite number, Jane of the Daily Mirror complete with dog.

Living in Barnsley, you don`t need to go to the theatre to see the risque shows - just go down town at weekends. Lady G reminds me that we went to see if the City Variety Theatre was still in Leeds, and sure enough, it was. There is a long waiting list to see the Olde Time Music Hall, so we`ll not be going.

Good to here from you, keep in touch, you`ll enjoy it. W.R. & Lady G.
Hello, Jeremy! Hope you'll stay around - this forum can be a mine of information! [Smile]
I found another account of Bill Dane at the Leeds City Varieties, which is quite amusing. Click on the link and search for "Bill Dane". I'd love to know more about this entertainer and his dancers, but I suppose that characters like that leave traces only in memories.
Thirteen years ago (!) I responded to a mention of the "exotic dancer" Bill Dane on this thread. I recently tried Googling him again. There are some problems because there is an American photographer of the same name, but I think that I have found a brief obituary of him. It seems that he ended up in Aberystwyth as a punch and judy man! This sounds unlikely I know, but the obit refers to his running a team of strippers in Soho, and that matches the sort of company he kept when I saw him in the 60s at the Leeds City Varieties. Anyway, judge for yourselves:

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