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Come on you Worden pupils.We can't have this!Unrepresented!There must be someone that has memories of Worden secondary Modern!
Fred (Mr.Bond)
Snig (Mr.Singleton)
Fat Jack(Mr. Tomlinson)
Pilky (Mr. Pilkington)
Olga (Miss Rhodes)The legs and the suntan and the makeup.Awesome!
Basil-(Mr Thomas)arghhhh maths.
Polly - (Mr. Ingrham) Metal Work.
George - (Mr. Grimes)Easy with the slipper George!
Ma - Mrs Siseland (Let's all dig!)
No Nicknames

Mrs Rigby Disciplinarian
Miss Ward English
Mr Hocking Good Guy
Mr Moffatt 'The Head'

People i remember

Top of The List

Mary Maddock
Howard Walmsley
Ernie Whittle
Michael Snape
Denis Elliot
Audrey Roberts

That's all for now folks

Growing old disgracefully

Dave Dobson.
Dave ...

I think you will find if you do a search you will find info on Worden, its just that its dropped off the end of the list. Click the list box for 'show all topics' and you will see it then.
Found it, my wife was there early sixties Dave. I worked with a Mick Snape until 3 or 4 years ago, wonder if it was the same one?
What years were you there Dave. I went 1969 - 1974 and enjoyed all of it (sad arn't I?) I remember most of the teachers you listed.
Sorry guys,Yes,i should have done a search first.Sorry about that.Yvonne,i was there between 1963 and 1967 so left a couple of years before you started there.Noel,The Mick Snape i knew would be 56 years old now and he lived on Westfield Drive in those days.However,i can't tell you anything about him after leaving school.My favorite teacher was Mr Hocking as he let me give a Amateur Radio demonstration in class.I was mad about radio in those days.
The Mick Snape I know/knew looks about that age, could be the same one, though Snape is a common local name, as is Mick, lol. My wife hated it, she said some of the pupils used to abuse a teacher, think it was the arts teacher, not sure. Fred rings a bell though ( I went to Balshaws so I'm repeating 2nd hand info . She also got bullied herself and left as soon as she could.
Noel,racking my old brain i seem to recollect that Mick lived on Leyland Lane after a brief chance meeting in a pub many years ago.I seem to have it in my head that he was involved in engineering,maybe a foreman ?
Yes,The art teacher you refer to was Mr Fred Bond.A teacher with enormous talent as far as art was concerned,unfortunately,he let the pupils do what they like and take advantage!
More pupils in my year....

Deborah Hill
Martin Hewlett (Brains)
Paul Rhodes
Peter Cook
Barbara Dalton
Catherine Sutton
Audrey Southworth
Raymond Johnston
Gary Chadwick
Barbara Dalton
Linda Gray
Christine Walton
William Hindle

Are we still all here?
Dave it sounds like the same Mick. He's works engineer on the old BTR site Centurion Way.
i used to work with Peter Cook, a very tall lad who specialized in Pizza eating. Was at L&B but left sometime in the 90s, not seen him since. I used to live next door to Catherine Sutton, went to watch PNE with her and her dad back in the sixties. Last saw her in Sainsbury's ( I go there a lot) about 10 years ago, looking just the same, unlike me!!
I have just registered with the forum and so this is my first posting.

I also attended Worden but between 1961 and 1966. Every teachers name mentioned previously brings back a memory. People I can easily recall are are David Rotherham (Ketch), Kathleen Swann, Jackie Draycott, Susan Smith, John Bamber, John Holland, Richard Kerfoot, Philip Ashmore and Clive Atherton.

I hope this may jog someone else's memory abut Worden, I sure have some happy memories from there. I remember growing bulbs for Granny Plant or Ma Sizeland making a sword for a pirate party with the Air Training Corp (Preston 341 Sqd) and Polly Ingram saying that the last thing you do is bring it to me. He ground of the point and flattened the end saying something about not wanting to be in the Evening Post.

I started work aged 16 at BTR Leyland and finished when it was named Dunlop Hiflex (Centurion Way) in July this year, as it finally closed down. 41 years where did it go? I am presently working on a short contract for another Hydraulic hose manufacturer in Malaysia. (Funnily enough amongst the rubber trees).

Yes Noel it's me! Give my regards to Margaret.

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