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Hi Noel, Just to say that I have made contact with Frank. Thanks for your help. Talk to you soon.
Hi Noel, Still up the jungle in Malaysia although I was home at Chrstmas. Kathleen is coming over for a couple of weeks in May and I have a 2 weeks holiday, so we will be visiting the usual tourists haunts, K.L. Langkawi, Penang and Thailand.

I have noticed that the Worden thread is very quiet, surely there are more ex-Wordenites about?

I am surrounded my machines made by someone in Quin Street!!! It is good to keep seeing the Leyland name everyday. Reminds me of when you travelled anywhere in the world, the name Leyland was seen on trucks and buses.

The other name I cannot escape from is 'Dunlop' everywhere thereare tyre adverts on large billboards.
Looking thro the forum I noticed you were enquiring about Phillip Ashmore,my son is married to his cousin and he happens to be playing snooker with him tonight so I have told him someone is asking for info so he may get in touch with you.Best of luck .
Okay Ron, thanks very much
Philip says he is thinkingof signing on to the Forum.
MJO & Alan R
I heard from Ronnie W that you were trying to find out more about my family including my Grandparents "Granny Ball" (Ruth) and husband Edward (Ned) Both passed away in the mid 70's. Ned was 3 weeks off his one hundred and first birthday and Granny was 94 when she died a year later. We lived in Southlands drive which was on the left as you came up from Seven Stars (about a 1/3 of a mile from lostock bridge) Bridges shop was on the corner of Southlands drive. My grandparents lived on the right hand side of Slater lane in a house with a barn attached. Their house was next door to a small white cottage with a larger house behind which was accessed by a pebbled driveway. Grandma's house had a picket fence at the front with a seat near the gate where grandad would often sit in summer so you may remember him sitting there. My father Sid died in 1982 and mother (Anne) recently in september last year aged 89. My brother David and I both attended Worden and are still both living in Leyland. Reading about Worden brought back a lot of fond memories and its nice to know that Grannny Ball was so well thought of. Only problem is I can't remember anything about the hawker Siddley car (It must be my age !!)
Hi Phil ...

It is indeed nice to hear from you, and do hope that you and David are both keeping well, and was sorry to learn that your Mother died only last year, and would imagine it will still be quite raw yet due to it being so recent. I have read quite a number of posts since joining the forum, hoping that I would hear a name that would 'ring a bell' or at least I would recognise, many of whom appear to have gone to the same schools, and I imagine to be of similar ages, but virtually nothing! until now!

I dont frequent the forum very often these days, but I have now seen your posting, and it was indeed very good of you to take the trouble to join and respond to it, and have no doubt you will have read through all of my entries regarding it. Just before typing this out, I have just had some of the old photographs out, and been looking at your Mum and Dads Wedding photograph, your Dad clutching his White Gloves! but have no real idea who the other three people are in the picture. I remember you all very well in my minds eye, but, obviously as you all would have looked all those years ago. I loved Gran Ball dearly, as she always made a fuss of me when we went, I know she wasn't my Gran but thats what I always called her, and always felt that she must have been a distant relative somewhere along the line, but never knew, not even that her name was Ruth! until you mentioned it, and getting any information out of my family 'was little like dragging teeth' I have also been in your house many times, although couldn't think for the life of me the name of the Drive until you mentioned it. I remember going out in the fields at the front of your house with your Dad Sid and David with the .410 after Rabbits, bet that gots you thinking ... I remember Ned cycling along Towngate until they made him give it up because of his age, and remember how proud he was of his Hens and Eggs, and know he won many prizes with them. As I said in an earlier response, that your Gran made our Christmas Pudding every year, possibly until the time we left Leyland, but she did give us the Recipe and a measuring cup to go with it, as all the ingredients were measured in a 'cup of this ... etc' which, when Mum died I brought it home, and still have it!! and the original recipe that she wrote out, but the wife or I have never tried to make one in all these years, but it was the best ever! possibly the only other one that came close was from Neals Bakery in Cleveleys, and we do in fact go there every year in November especially to get one! last year was the first time we have missed in well over 40 years.

It is always very wise not to provide or discuss any real specifics on an open bulletin board, so if you want to get in touch, you can always send me a mail through the forum mailer, and I will send you my personal and private Email address directly, so that we can dialogue in private!

Kind regards ...

MjO ...
Hi PhilA, thanks for replying to this topic. I was just trying to find out if anyone on this Forum was at Worden between 61 and 66. It would have been nice to hear from other people. Well at least I know you. I am currently working in Penang, Malaysia and have been since last year. Alan
Hah, I imagine you can call me an ex-wordener. I just left school and am now on my way to Runshaw College near Worden Park.
you forgot me!!!!!I taught girls phys ed--Miss yates--then i became Mrs jenkinson when i married Alan jenkinson who taught english--We both left in 1965 and went to canada--ring any bells?????[Smile
marje jenkinson

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