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Balshaw's Grammar School
Can't help ,Smithy, sorry.
There used to be the framed long photos all along the walls outside the school hall.
Also would be interested if anyone has the BGS school photo taken in the late 40's-maybe about 1947???
I used to have copies of that and the early 50's one which have disappeared into the legendary big black hole.
I think I did approach the school years ago with no success but maybe someone else could try.
Lynne, there are pics on Balshaws web-site for 1945 (my hubby is on that), then 1959, nothing inbetween - that's why I thought I'd try forum members. Wonder what happened to all the framed pics when it became a high school? Were you there in 1945?
Hi Smithy.
I started at Balshaws September 1946 and the first photo was taken soon after, as I was sitting cross legged on the front row with all the newbies-must have been a first former so the pic would have been possibly 1947.
On it were all the older teachers-Benson comes to mind -they had stayed on during the war and then the younger ones came back. I do remember that the photo was on the wall there.
Also had another one which was about 1951???? I stood behind the teachers so was possibly form 6.I left at the beginning of 1953.
The only person who has told me she had a copy of the forties one was Elsie Nelson and I lost contact with her years ago. She was a few years ahead.
Cheers [Smile]
The problem with the Balshaws photo was that it was so wide, so too big to go into a photo-album. I suspect that is why so many of them have been disposed of over the years. Thanks anyway.[Smile]
I did a blog about art lessons at Balshaw's.
Includes a drawing of the Art Room and photo of pupils with Ralph May... Warning- some seriously retro glasses and hairstyles may upset Forum members of a more tasteful disposition.
Caroline I remember and recognise Susan Bennet so we were obviously there at the same time and like you I had Miss Whewell then Mr May, sadly I still can't draw or paint to save my life LOL but I can arrange flowers artistically LOL
Hi, I do remember your name but can't picture you! I meet up with Sue now and then, also Katy-Cookson-as-was and Jen Puntis.
You know, everybody can learn how to paint and draw. We're often made to think at school that we can or can't draw- not true! It can be taught just like the three R's. Why are kids labelled so early with this? We don't do it for other subjects!
Hi Caroline. Ralph May was art teacher when I was at Balshaw's and lived next door to us in Hargreaves Avenue in the 60s. He went to teach in Formby near Southport after a few years, but visited us several times. Lost touch now, but think he's probably retired.
I think he probably retired, Colin, as I've 'retired' meself and he was a bit older at the time . and still is! X
Hi Caroline, I've rejoined the Forum again after a lengthy lapse! (Dorothy Browne as was). Yes, Ralph May must indeed be retired now, as thee and me are retired ourselves!! Did he remain in Formby or in the North West, do you Know? Do give my regards to Susan Bennett, Jen Puntis and Katy Cookson when you next see them.

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