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Website error
Count me in with the thank you too! We all miss the exchange of views on here the rare occasions the forum is out of action.
And me too. You do a sterling job Martin.
Has the Forum been down today? - I got a weird message as I was bounced during two earlier attempts to log in
No problems here.
Dunno Peter.
Martin ~
I didn't have problems with the forum, Peter, but I have had all kinds of random glitches on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome today.

OK Guys thanks - it seems to have sorted itself out Smile
like others I thank martin for his efforts re the Forum - however, I believe that the older format was much better and easier to work with , i rarely had a problem where as with this new format each time i attempt to log in i have to start from scratch, never remembers my name etc,
Quite often I just give in rather than continue with the frustrations !
I don't have to keep logging in. I stay logged in unless there has been a power cut or similar.
You shouldn't have to keep logging in Alan, your browser should remember your user name and password. I can't remember the last time I had to log in.

You could try one of the password managers so that you are automatically signed in each time.
Martin ~

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