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Leyland to Become the Waste Recycling Centre For
Leyland is to become the dumping ground for recycling waste for the whole of Lancashire.
A public meeting was arranged by LCC but the venue arrangement times where moved at the last-minute. This caused some members of the public to miss the meeting.
Any one attending the meeting was restricted to asking one question only! All questions from the public were meet with contempt by the LCC representatives by either giving inappropriate answers or total ignoring the question in hand.

The contempt shown by the LCC representatives, made a mockery of the due process of consulting the public in a democratic environment.
The prospects of having this facility and the loss of amenity will be detrimental to all that live within the vicinity of the proposed plant.
It’s a 100 foot tower with three floors of revolving rotting waste with a lagoon (cesspit). Vehicle movements would dramatically increase and continue to increase as the whole of the industrial site is redeveloped.

With the elapse of time some the pieces are now fitting together.
LLC and the sand extraction site at Lydate Lane Farington was approved for the extraction of high quality sand to be infill with inert waste materials, a example was motor way debris.
This pauses a question about the possible change of use of the site. The public where given assurances the the Lydiate Lane site would not “Not” be used for infill of domestic waste.

The next stage of the LCC hidden agenda I suspect will be the “rail terminal” to bring in waste from further a field.

Is this what Leyland people want?

I applaud any one taking steps to protect the environment and find alternative ways of dealing with this enormous problem but its seams the LCC have hidden agendas!
Please click on link to see artist impression of waste plant!
I'll tell you what I want Tee, this darn council to get the heck out of Lancashire. I'm appalled.
Shocking stuff, but unsurprising in view of the council's habitual insensitivity to environmental matters I wonder who's scratching whose back???
I've had a quick search on the internet for related links. Here's what I've found so far on waste management.

Map 1

Planning Application No. 7/03/0062:

Map 2

Application No.7/03/0001
Martin ~
Although I`m not involved with these additions when or if they happen, I cannot understand why this site has been chosen. When I first walked onto this site in 1951, I never envisaged that over fifty years later this would happen, all we had to do was to build a Tank Factory there. Noel, I`m beginning now to realise how my descriptions of the site at that time must have seemed from another planet. When I was over at New Year I had a brief look, but looking at the proposal maps and seeing that roads we built now are to have names - Spurrier Street,Lancashire Road, County Close, Europa Drive - words just fail me, we built a factory, not a housing estate. As for the siting if the proposed units, I agree with your sentiments. So sorry for who will be affected by this step into the future if it is allowed to happen. The comments made about whose back is being scratched are very pertinent, somebody will make a packet (in my opinion, Martin). Disgusted - from over the Pennines, Cheerio, Bill.
Is this 'Little Blackpool' .....Neddy Springs etc ... Bill?
T. D.
Karen, I`m thinking about that one - there must be a nessage in it somewhere. Neddy Springs?? Little Blackpool?? Think, think, Cheers, Bill.
I'm sorry Bill ... it wasn't supposed to be a puzzle.
Before the Tank Factory was built, the area was known as "Little Blackpool" 'cos of all the sand .... there was a spring too ... called Neddy Springs.
We used to picnic there .... it was cheaper than going to Blackpool.
Ciao Karen.
T. D.
Received a letter tioday from LCC, a preferred bidder for the recycling park has been identified.

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