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NoWcard - Places you can visit
I've been trawling the internet this afternoon regarding this.
It looks as if this is a good place for information:

Also, from the NowCard site (for Lancashire):
What is a local bus service? - A local bus service would include any type of town bus service; a rural service which observes all bus stops and interurban services observing all bus stops and which may include a limited stop section of route where the distance between stops is within 15 miles (21.4 kms).

Services which observe stops over 15 miles (21.4 kms) are regarded as "Express services", for example National Express or services, and are therefore excluded from the English National Concession scheme. Some operators choose to offer a concession please contact the bus operator for further details.

( )

Express or Limited Stop Services

A service shall be treated as ‘Express’ for the purpose of the Scheme if:

1. It is registered as a Limited Stop service with the Traffic Commissioners: or
2. It is not available for boarding and alighting at all bus stops along its route: or
3. Its route includes any section of Motorway

(from )

Based on that, there is no problem going to Bolton, Martin, as the service recognises all stops.

Here is another problem that needs an answer, example :
A bus fare is free with Nowcard only after 9.30 am but what if the
timetable says the bus you want at your bus stop is 9.33 am but the bus arrives just before 9.30 ?[Sad!]
Roy, if the scheduled time is 9.33 then it should be free.
Martin ~
I hadn't realised you could use the concessionary cards outside the Lancashire/Cumbria areas. My Mum has one for Greater Manchester, but has been restricted to the Greater Manchester boundaries - does that change as from 1st April?
Greetings from over the hills. Not wishing to add to the confusion - the Senior Citizens (Blue Stripe) Concession Card has arrived, from which I quote - "Within South Yorkshire, your new pass entitles you to travel free from 0900 on weekdays, all day at weekends and on Bank Holidays on the following services.

Any Bus or Tram within South Yorkshire.

Between stations on the South Yorkshire rail network.

To and from West Yorkshire on Northern Rail services (without changing trains in West Yorkshire).

Into South Yorkshire by bus from neighbouring areas but not until 0930 from the Peak District."

There is a similar section which refers to Disabled People (orange stripe)

The introduction to the leaflet says "The new English National Concession Pass entitles you to free travel on local bus services anywhere in England. It is valid between 0930 and 2300 on weekdays, all day at weekends and on Bank Holidays. This will replace your existing Senior Citizen or Mobility travel pass. It will work in exactly the same way and offer you the same benefits as you have enjoyed before."

You can see that there is a difference to the start times of the Pass, 0900 in South Yorkshire and 0930 outside. There is also a little piece at the end which says " Bus travel does not include booked excursions and does not apply to long distance coach travel such as provided by National Express." With a final sting in the tail "All local enhancements are subject to review"

This is why I don`t want to add to the confusion, regrettably elderly people are going to use these new passes, and possibly are not aware of some of the traps which lie ahead. Why can they not be to a Plain English standard, and valid in Great Britain. Go on holiday outside England, you may as well leave your pass at home.

As I said - confused - William R.
William, I think that I`m even more confused than you.

Park and ride? Who owns the service? Is it now free after 9.30AM? (Previously was half -fare(50p)).

So MANY qusestions - so FEW answers.
I shall follow with interest, the journey of the Manchester lady with her new NOW card. She hopes to travel from the North East to Lands End, via local bus services. This should be worth following.
Jim, that trip using local buses to go all that way seems ok except
that it will take many days and therefore cost alot in places to stay.Is this an April-fool??
When the agency I work for first started its express services from Mount Vernon to Bellingham and Everett, it became possible to cover the entire 275 miles of Washington state from the Canadian border to the Oregon border using transit.

One of our drivers tried part of it about 120 miles), and it took about 14 hours of riding time, much of it spent waiting for the next bus. He needed one overnight stay because a lot of systems quit running at 19:00. Many have no weekend service at all and only the big city systems run on Sundays. He took the train back!

Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.

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