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NoWcard - Places you can visit
Like-wise not a good time to fill up whenthe sun's beating down ( which fortunately or unfortunately happens rarely here)
I have mentioned in another thread that we once owned a Morris Marina. Invetigating a smell of petrol, I dropped the tank and discovereed that the top had corroded away - with holes large enough to put my hand into!!!!

Originally posted by anacortesdamp

Linda - we don't usually let the tank go below 1/4 full, because we live on an island and we'd be cut off if an earthquake took out the two bridges that connect us to the mainland.

Eek, Frank, that sounds scary!

I must admit, I hate to be in a running out situation with anything. My pantry is well enough stocked that if we all came down with the dreaded lurgy, we could last a week without a trip to the shops. I think I was a boy scout ("Be prepared") in a past life!
I presume that's Fidalgo Island Frank? It looks like a great place to live.
That's right Noel. It's the only island in the San Juan chain that you can get to without a boat.

Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.

Originally posted by shuffy

What no one has ever said is that where before 9.30 pensioners only paid half fare and invalid passes had a flat rate. That has all now gone and its all full fare so its either full fare or free travel.

So now you can go anywhere in England using the NOW card before April 2008 you where restricted to free travel in South Ribble only
I for one value the free travel anywhere before April 2008 I hardly ever used my card now where I go the now card goes .
For lots of info regarding the new NOW CARD and available routs
Just an update in case anyone is following this:

From 5th Oct 2008
Before 9:30AM mon-fri disabled NoWcard holders pay flat fare 50p, standard card holders pay full price.
Sat-sun & public holidays both card holders get free travel pre 9:30:AM.
All concessions end at 11:00PM mon-fri, with no restriction sat-sun & public holidays.
I used my Now Card in Bournemouth and went from Bournemouth Square to Swanage on the 150 which goes via Sandbanks and the ferry. In the summer months, they use open topped buses so it's a wonderful ride of over an hour, all for free!

As the service gets very busy at times, it's best to try and board before the Square as the service starts at the Interchange and comes through the Lansdowne beforehand. I've also used my pass on the bus from Poole to Swanage and that goes through some interesting villages on the way.
On our county bus system, you pay to board the bus rather than for how far you're going. For OAP's it's 50 cents and I can get an all-day pass for $1.00. It's double that for regular folks. The inter-city expresses from Mount Vernon to Everett and to Bellingham are $2.00 - not bad for about 50 miles each way and $1.00 for us old-timers. We have a once/hour service in Anacortes and it comes within one block of our house.

The transit agency also runs a "Dial-a-Ride" service for elderly and disabled people who can't drive any more, where they come and pick you up at home and take you wherever you want to go, then back again later and that's a free service once you've enrolled for it.

Frank D
My bus pass is for "Transport for Greater Manchester" living in Wigan, we get the usual Bus concessions plus Rail travel in Greater Manchester and free Tram travel in Manchester. I can go into town by bus then catch the train as far as Manchester Airport all after 9-30am. Great if flying at early afternoon, the only downside is the trains only run about one per hour.

frank h.

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