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Old L.M.L. Workers. Are you there?
Are there any old time L.M.L. workers around the Forum. I`m going to put a few Memories on this site for interest and/or comment. For example, Is anyone there who worked on the W.L.W. Series in the Chassis Shop at the beginning of the 1939/45 war under Charlie Hill and Jack Fairclough? Jack was Mechanic to the famous Parry Thomas when he raced on Pendine Sands. Does anyone remember the big order for South America, blue and white. type L.O.P.S.U. single deck buses, or the original M.C.W. buses made for Fishwicks. Did you ever go to the Annual Ball at the Winter Gardens? Remember the Christmas Draw? Or when Chorley Works made Fire Engines? From over the Pennines, Cheerio, Bill.
Hi William R,
Maybe I'm not as old a Motors man as you had hoped but I've worked there since I left school in 1971.
My Dad (Jim Lawson, he's now 86)worked there from the mid fifties and my grandfather (Jack Lindley) was a foreman/tester.( I think he ended up in the time office before he retired). My great grandfather also worked there apparently as a boilermaker.

Just to mention a couple of names who I remember being mentioned were Bert Rimmer and Fred Bullough. ( Fred was a manager at Spurrier when I was starting out in the drawing office).
I have, somewhere, an old photo of my grandad leaning over a chassis with , I think, Bert Rimmer, Clarence Livesey & Harold Rothwell who was a bloke who was in the main drawing office when I started out in there.
Oh well, that's a start. Do any of these people ring a bell?
Hi Tony, The names certainly ring lots of bells, particularly Fred Bullough, I think he was at Farington before he went to Spurrier Works. I started at Leylands in 1939, having taken the entrance exams when I was only thirteen, and then going to see Bert Elkington and Oliver Burgham to have my "papers" prepared as to which departments I was top work in over the next seven years. I was apprenticed to the trade of "Toolmaker" and kept to my programme all through the war. My father worked in the Tool Room from about 1919 as a grinding machine operator, I recall the machine was No.213 a very old Churchill internal grinder, he used to produce very accurate ring gauges for setting the dial gauges for checking engine cylinder bores. When he retired through ill-health in 1950, the machine was taken out of service as no-one else could produce the standard of work on it. Your foreman/tester would remember a driver called Joe Schultz (I worked with his son Denis). Joe was unfortunately killed whilst delivering one of the new Royal Tiger chassis. He went over an obstacle, was thrown forward and run over by his own vehicle. This was in the days when delivery drivers used to sit out in the cold with no protection, pre-motorways. I went into the D.O. when Leylands first got the contract to build the M.O.S. Factory (later Spurrier Works) working with Jesse Pye on the layout and site work for the Factory. On completion of the MOS contracts for Centurian MkVII and the HS1500 fighting vehicle (an odd ball!) we converted the factory for engine production from Farington works. With Leylands now the owners, we had two of almost everything, D.O`s, Material Control, Tool Room, etc. so I decided to make the move away, and went with Star Paper Group, finishing as Chief Engineer at the Barnsley Mill. Writing on the wall forecast the decline of the industry, so I moved to BBA Group until I left in 1982. My wife of 54 years died last year, and shortly after I discovered the Leyland Forum, and here I am, end of story. Thjere you have it, enjoy the Forum. From over the Pennines, Cheerio, Bill - aka William R.
Is LML Leyland Motors Bill? My mother worked there and was shop steward in the sixties when that strike was on lead by Len Brindle. I remember stories of her meeting Hugh Scanlon in York .
She always voted Tory though, I always found that odd for a shop steward.
Originally posted by noel

Is LML Leyland Motors Bill? My mother worked there and was shop steward in the sixties when that strike was on lead by Len Brindle. I remember stories of her meeting Hugh Scanlon in York .
She always voted Tory though, I always found that odd for a shop steward.
Noel, Right first time, LML is a short form of Leyland Motors Limited, I don`t know how it came about, but we used to have to stamp it as an identity on some components. Didn`t know your Mum, it was such a big place, new Len Brindle, but worked one tine with Vin Murphy, Works Convener and Tom Tarbuck, he was B.X.Factory Steward. Cheers, Bill.
Bill, my uncle Teddy Williams worked at LML as an inspector right up to his retirement in about 1964 I think , he was the owner of the BSA Winged Wheel that I mentioned a few months ago.
Did anybody used to go in the LM social club[?] I used to work there behind the bar about 84/85. We had bingo sessions on Sunday's also a disco I think was Thursday nights which was stopped in 1985, due to trouble.

I used to play snooker at the Motors club. As far as I know it's still going. You can find some links to the chess club there on the links page.
Martin ~
Thanks for the info Martin,

Its good to know the Motors club is still going, we had some good laughs [Big Grin] there.

Me and sis used to go to the LM childrens Christmas party - can't remember why because nobody in the family worked at LM! Perhaps we were gate crashers [Big Grin]

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