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Old L.M.L. Workers. Are you there?
I'm not sure but I think mum would have retired around 1973, at least that's when she turned 60. She worked shifts and heaven knows how she got in for the 6am shift. Esmee Yates is one name I remember, the runner's wife, I remember taking her to trades hall in broad St. to pay the union money in, a chap called Schultz was one of those who took the money. And every month took her to the what was then the AUEF building for a meeting.. on Cross St. Preston. Bored to tears I should add, I just waited outside for 2 hours until it ended. She met top union people like jack Jones and Hugh Scanlon as part of the strike committee.
My Mum worked in the Nozzle Shop I think and Butec around the 70's

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