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Old L.M.L. Workers. Are you there?
use to play snooker and have a couple of pints on a saturday with my uncle who was Mike Hill only happened every six months when i was on leave
Hello everyone. My Dad use to work at L.M. I think it was in the late 40's or early 50's his name was David Gardner. I remember going to the Christmas party and we played a game were you had to sit on a balloon to burst it. The only reason I remember it is because I hated bursting the ballon. I think I must have been around 5. My Dad was an Air Raid Warden during the War. He and his friends use to play cards when they were not busy. Mr. Martin was one of the gang. My brothers David and Keith joined the Army while we lived in Leyland.
I did not work at LML but family members did, Frank, Billy and Marion Ashworth but I have no idea what they did. Marion was a secretary, she brought me many stamps from the mail received. I went to some of the dances at the Winter Gardens and my wife and I got engaged at the 1957 one, much to the consternation of all the family who were there.My wifes uncle, Ted Johnson was a lister driver at some time too.
Ivor the names you entered did not ring a bell, at the "tank factory "I was an apprentice electrician, I worked on an outside tolet and then moved to the boiler room next to the big electrical distribution room, when the steam room was done the contract was comming to an end and I moved on to a new job
I think marion was a secretary to one of the directors at North works (in the days when it was Leyland Motors and just built buses, wagons and a few tanks)
oh I don't like the newest 1st.Sorry set in my ways LOL
Many of you old Farington Free Staters will remember
Tom Wolstenhole .. Tom died last week age 81.
He was the best story teller of the coming and goings
in Farington.
Tom was my father Fred Elcock's best buddy ..
they both worked at Leyland Motors.
My sister Dianne and I went to the Christmas parties,
we also went to the Annual Ball at the Winter Gardens
every year, with my husband Geoff Bretherton and
his best buddy Brian Anderton ... Dianne's former husband.
I have a couple of photos of Geoff and me standing
on those stairs!! ..
I'll post them if I ever learn how to do that!!!

Ciao Karen.
T. D.
Yes my auntie Marion Ashworth did live in Euxton, as did my uncle Billy but my uncle Frank lived in Coppull. I spent a lot of time in Euxton at my grandmothers (Marion never married and lived at home) but I do not remember any walking days in the village. Perhaps my mum and dad did not go on those days. Marion died whilst on holiday somewhere in the Shetlands, a good way to go, whilst enjoying yourself but a bit of a shock for everyone else.

Originally posted by audpluswesties

Ivor, if you still look in - I lived across from Marion in what was then known as The Woodlands but now just part of Wigan Road

Hi, have not been on line for some time due mainly to visiting son and two of our grandchildren being here for their summer break. Now all is back to normal apart from the clean up and reorganising the house to the way we like it. I am confused about you living across the road from my aunt Marion. She lived at the end of what I think was Anderton road. It is the road that joins Wigan road at what used to be the Coop store, on the left travelling from Balshaw lane to the pub at the top of the road to Southport which is probably Dawbers lane, seeing that my dads second wife lives in Old Dawbers lane down near the old mill. I do not know where Woodlands was. Are we talking about the same Marion?
Woodlands, I believe, was the name of the Hostel for workers who were drafted into the ROF during the war. It was just below Chorley Cemetary going down the hill. The other one was by Balshaw Lane station, cnn`t remember the name. Got it! it was Highways Hostel.

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