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Old L.M.L. Workers. Are you there?
Was the Euxton Mills also known as the Grapes because of the sign over the door? Remember when the Germans bombed the cows at the bottom of Pincock Hill during the War, and Heaps`s farm at Charnock Richard? My late wife came from Charnock Richard and used to bike to Leyland every day to work, down the big hill to Pincock, through Euxton and past the ROF along Wigan Road, Packsaddle Bridge etc.
I thought Packsaddle was the shape of the bridge.
When I was 4 years old I was travelling back from Chorley
on a 109 bus that crashed into the side of the bridge.
T. D.
Sorry, I didn`t know many people in the Foundry, as I was at North Works. But I DO remember waiting for the call to go to the Core Making Section when the new barrel of Molasses was to be opened. It was mixed with the Sand to make the intricate core for the casts. The Chargehand, for 20 Players, used to let one or two of us have a jam jar half full of Molasses before it was contaminated.

It was just one of the many scams which were rife during the war.
Another was the Plating Shop at North Works. For 20 Players we could get our model Spitfires plated and polished, after we had finished them in our spare time. But that`s another story.

About the older generation getting jobs for the younger, well, if your father worked there and had a good record, you could be proposed for an apprenticeship pre-war. My father put my name forward in 1938 to take the entrance exams. I then had my apprenticeship mapped out with all the departments I would work in specified, signed sealed and I was in when I left school at 14 in 1939. Coupled with study at Harris Institute all mapped out, I made my first moves to be a Tool Maker. Even the war didn`t alter the schedule.

Originally posted by watson

What a memory Bill,I can remember washing my fathers trousers ,and loads of iron filings were left in the sink when I had done them.And when I use to go and meet him from work ,I had to hold my nose at Wheelton lane because it stunk of very stong rubber,not unlike some of the smells we used to get from the gas works. Happy days!!

There's nothing wrong with the smell of rubber lass. I love the smell.Miss it badly now I work at a factory without rubber. [:o)]

Originally posted by audpluswesties

Hi there
Just back from hols - Woodlands was/is the row of houses "across the road" and "down a bit" from Anderton Rd. The row of 8 terraced houses were The Woodlands next to The Smithy (no longer there) and then came Euxton Mills pub.
Yes definitely the same Marion, somewhere I have a picture taken with her at Walking Day. The Woodlands were numbered 1-8 and I was born at number 7 as was my father in 1915. Now the address is just Wigan Rd - what was 3 Woodlands is now 258 Wigan Rd. [8D]

Thanks for the location of the Woodlands. I know the row you mean and on one of my visits to my stepmothers we walked up Dawbers lane then back past the houses and down Pincock past my cousin Keith Smiths place and along the river back to the factory. Passing the houses I was told by some old boy who was outside that a member of my family used to live in one of the houses. How right he was I dont know because I am not even sure that he identified who I was from the info that I gave him about the family. If you do happen to locate a photo sometime I would love to see it. I do not have many pictures of our family.

Originally posted by watson

Hi again Bill.
As a newcomer I dont understand why Noel has resubmitted my letter to you, is it because I mentioned the word rubber?? Am I missing something??

Sylvia it's a way of letting people know what you are commenting on when you make a reply. Like I've done with this. If you reply to a post by clicking on the menu items above the posting you can do several things. If you click on the one that looks like a sheet of paper with text on, and an arrow pointing to it, you'll include the original post in your reply.

Originally posted by audpluswesties

Ivor I spent ages looking for the photo then asked my mother, which was just as well because I was on the wrong Marion! The Marion who took me to Sunday School/with me at walking day was Marion Ashurst. Mum has now sorted out whoyour family are and remembers them as does my uncle, mum was Mary Robinson and my uncle is John Moon
Sorry about the muddle and raised hopes of photo [:I]

Thanks, Audrey, that has cleared it up for me too because I could not work out how you came to be picked up by my auntie. I do not recognise any of your family names, but I did not meet up with many people from Euxton even though I visited my Grandmas quite regularly until I started secondary school. I played mainly with my cousins the Smiths. I know that Harrison is a fairly common name in the county but did you have any relatives in Bretherton ? My wife knows someone from there because that is her home village.
Didn't know you went to Balshaws Audrey, when were you there?
Just missed you Audrey that was the year I left (I think) I am obviously older than you
I'm not that wise I still do lots of daft things!!!

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