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Developing the web site
I've just realised that I put this ina locked area, so no one could reply... so here it is again.


I'll have to start a "Leyland People" section, for people who would like a page dedicated to themselves, but haven't got a website of their own. Any volunteers? You can have a picture of yourself and a few paragraphs, or whatever content you like (within reason).

I can also do the same for groups and associations.

Any ideas for more pages on the web site? Politics? short stories? poetry? these could be on seperate pages to the forum.

Martin ~
If the forum looks different, it's because I've been playing around with bits of it [8D]

I like to give it a tweak every now and then (the forum that is). I'm also working on an entertainment page. So far I've got links to the local TV and cinema page. If I can temp more people here, maybe we can have a what's on in Leyland listing.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
Martin ~
Martin is it my end, or why do the file icons keep coming up purple when they are yonks old? Those in the Index pages are what I mean, I keep looking at the posting date to see when it originated. Am I thick or is it something we have to live with? Cheers, Bill.
I think it's all down to how you access the forum Bill. If you read the messages before you clock in, then it will not register that you have read them. try clocking in and out when you have read a topic and see the difference.
Martin ~
y on ne w w e
ou ly or h n
ed to r y

w o r ds st to w o a ll
art nder ov

the pa
ge for no re
ason and you know you are sober. Lol!
good one kath!
Love and LightHayley
I don't get it!
Martin ~
You only need to worry when words start to wander all over the page for no reason and you know you are sober.

Geddit now, Martin? :0-)
It's alright Martin you're not the only thick one, I didn't either, guess our minds are less active than females. ( Particularly in cloths shops.zzzzzz)
Have you got any volunteers yet Martin?

Originally posted by noel

guess our minds are less active than females.

I think our minds are probably more logical!
Not sure about the clothes shops, I tend to switch off when having to wait around those places.
Martin ~

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