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Leyland Secondary Modern (Wellfield)
Where are all the ex Wellfielders? Leyland Secondary Modern especially those from 1956- 1959 Come on folks
"May we be worthy"
No Wellfielders ? Oh well I tried !!!
[Image: bear2.gif]
Geoff and Brian went to Wellfield.
Does that count, Sandra?

Ciao Karen.
T. D.
Yes !! That counts Karen,[Big Grin] I remember Geoff from the youth club, but not school, I left in 1959, I dont remember Brian though.[Smile]
I was at Wellfield 1974-1979. Are there anyone else who was at Wellfield during this period?

Priya Mahawatte.
Hello United, Welcome to the Forum from a very wet and dismal Barnsley, enjoy your stay. Wellfield (Leyland Secondary Modern as was) Went there from opening to Easter 1939, sorry I can`t help (yes, I`m ANCIENT) From over the Pennines, Cheerio, Bill.
I used to have a neighbour David Hindle who went there from 1956 to whatever.
Hi, I went to Wellfield from 1964 -1968.I remember Joe Lowe very well. Does anybody else remember him? I think his bark was worse than his bite.
Sandie I think my sister Shirley nee Damp & her husband Bob Preston could have been at Wellfield when you attended. Im not sure when she left. Bob is a year or so older than Shirley who is 61 & I think he was head boy.[Smile]
Sorry, I left there in 1939 (there was such a year!) to start work at Leylands. Welcome to the forum - Cheerio, Bill.

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