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Getting things into Order
My biggest problem with the forum is trying to remember which post I said what in - if you see what I mean.
I know what I`ve said but can never remember where I posted it.
Is it just me with this problem? Do any longer serving members have a tried and tested system to overcome this?
if you look at your member profile u will see a list of your most recent posts to click on. maybe that can help?
Love and LightHayley
I sometimes lose my place on some other forums. There are ways to find what you've posted though. You can search by member, using the search link at the top of the page. If you posted in the last day or two, click on active topics and select the time period that will cover your post. or you can search for a keyword in your posting.

And finally, you culd read every post [Big Grin]
Martin ~
I sometimes use the 'search' thing and tap in relevant words I remember using...
Caroline, That idea sounds OK (for those with a good memory). Sorry ---- What was the topic again?
oh dear!
Love and LightHayley

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