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Unusual Place Names
This one's reemerged, Upper and Lower Slaughter?
A town south of Seattle is called "Puyallup". Locals pronounce it "pew-allup", but I suspect it was originally named by early French settlers who would have pronounced it "pwee alloop". There are a lot of Native American, French and Spanish place names around Washington and quite a few are named after people in Captain Vancouver's early exploring crew. This northern part of Washington state was also extensively explored by the Spanish. The strait between the northern Washington coast and Vancouver Island is the "Strait of Juan de Fuca" and the group of islands (including Fidalgo Island - the one Anacortes is on) are known as the "San Juan Islands".

A lot of people assume Anacortes is of Spanish origin, but it's actually based on the name of the wife of the man who opened the first Post Office here. Her name was "Annie Curtis".

Frank D
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
I have an old map of lancashire and theres a place called pergutory in leyland Sad

Just looked back at this thread, Noel. When we lived in Kenilworth, we often went into the Cotswolds for a day out on the weekends. On the main road (A45 ?) the signpost at the intersection read "The Slaughters".

Frank D

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