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St Anne's RC Primary School - photo
[center][Image: schools-leyland-st-annes-1960s.jpg][/center]

added by Admin

Anybody attend St Anne's during the early years. I was in the first class when it opened, not sure what year that was but I left in 1970/71 - maths was never a good subject. I remember eating lunch in the classroom because the boards in the main hall were still being laid - I can smell those dinners even now, pink custard and all!

Mrs Livesy (spelling not a good subject either) was the head.

I was at St Annes until the early/mid 70's, Mrs Livesy was still there when I left. She was quite menacing when she started shaking that leather strap around.
I can't remember too much from those early years, I know we had two bells at the end of breaktime, one to stand still and the other to line up ready to go back inside...

In The Pink
Martin ~
I went to St Annes, but I cannot remember the year I left.
Probably around 70 because my family moved to Bristol for a few years. Then we came back to Leyland and I had to go to that dump St Mary's.

All I remember about St Annes was Mrs Livesey, the milk and Cowburns barbers over the road. He used to let me blow on the clippers and they magically started! Well thats youth for you.

I was having a look around and have found a picture from my first communion at St Annes.

Middle row 6 from left. I beleive that is you Martin next to me.
I also recognise Mark O'Hanlan, Mick Newsham and David Roocroft.

Scary stuff!


If this didn't work then someone will have to tell me how to post a picture.
Andrew, if you email the picture to me, I will upload it to the forum for you.

Another future modification to the forum might have to be an image library.
Martin ~
Do you want to let me know your address then?
Tried using the icon above your post but I can't see how to attach file that way.

Any resemblance to me is purely coincidental [8D]

A few names that spring to mind after seeing the picture are...

Mark Taylor
Colin Dowd
Paul machlaclin <~~~?
Kevin Smith
Dereck Donnely
John Chester
Stu Holland

The grey matter is starting to seize up here.

What were the badges for? some ceremony I think.
Martin ~
Hi Andrew,

Great photo ... well now, David Roocroft is my cousin's son and Mark Taylor is Stella Holden(St. Anne's teacher - Mrs Taylor now Holden)'s son.

Stella is my best friend ... she visits me in B.C. Canada and I visit her on my vacations in England.
We will be staying with my relatives in Bretherton and my daughter P.J. in Norfolk in October, to attend P.J.'s Church Wedding Blessing ... the civil ceremony was held here on August 10th.

I will show your photo posting to Stella.

Ciao Karen.
T. D.
Karen, Bretherton ??????

Who do you know in Bretherton ? My Aunt has lived there all her life - very small world! Bretherton - well, I never!
Brian Anderton ... but he will be considered a 'foreigner' by your Aunt ... he was raised in Mawdesley and Leyland Lane.

Ciao Karen.
T. D.

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